The Mirror

By Samadhi · Feb 10, 2008 · ·
  1. Samadhi
    When he stood looking into the mirror he saw what he feared most. The glass had collected light and mirrored back the being that stood in front of it. He had finally realized what was wrong was the person standing in the mirror not the reflection… not the make up of features and skin that stood pale-suited in the spotlight… but the person beneath it. It was not the reputation of his person, but the reflection of himself that scared him most. The world may change around him but he will always remain a ghost until his reflection can look itself in the eye. His ghost remains whole and untarnished by the slander and disposition but his person grows weaker with every stride and blow. He has taught himself to break down and dissolve all matter of negativity but in doing so in turn places the blame upon the single figure of self. With the weight of blame his ego is crushed and splintered beyond all recognition like a pile of ashes blowing out of the fire into the wind. But from the ashes a phoenix will raise that will bring light to a new day. The cycle will repeat indefinitely each bringing a longer burning flame and a harder break in pattern. He knows that to truly make himself anew he must break what is left and start the wheels and turbines of new creation. The breakdown of what he knows now will begin when the blame is placed and the thought surface from the waiting waters of his conscious.

    The whirr of spark and the smell of sulfur filled him. He drew his fist back and broke the mirror. He watched transfixed as the shards splintered into thousands on the ground below him. The ghost was free now to die in peace and his shoulders felt light in the passing of the weight. His change can begin now. He can light up the tunnel and walk the path to the light at the end without stumbling blindly towards it. The sun rose from the hills and filled the room with an orange glow and filled him with a new hope. His eyes no longer burdened with the sight of self he rose to his feet and walked to the door of the deck. There in the sunlight he saw not only the dawn of a new day but the harmony of all that has been and all that has come. In the peak of absolution inside of him he reached and touched the sun. He became one with the light and left the dark below. This was the end of the cycle… He had found an exit to the roundabout. The clouds parted way as he ascended towards a peak unknown and a plain of the endless. Existence became futile and being became obsolete. He became the spire of the tower and the light that guides the ship.

    He became eternal.

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  1. radiometer
    Powerful thoughts. Keep on with 'em.
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