The misguided and lost opportunity that is the war on drugs

By Jibbtastick · Jan 19, 2012 ·
  1. Jibbtastick
    The United States has been the champion leader of the so called War On Drugs. and for years media and government have been drilling into our heads that drugs are evil, dosent matter which drugs but drugs are evil. we have spent trillions world wide on combating drug use and drug production. We have poured countless billions of tax payer money into policing and warfair on drugs. money that was spent at a time when public education and other social services which would likely make more of an impact on this war on drugs.
    So after all those trillions, after all the fearmongering. and after all the people who have had their lives destroyed and been put behind bars for years because of a small amount of weed, or a few tabs of e. have we won the war? the answer is clearly no, not even close. in fact we may be going backwards. It is my thinking that we as a socity are going about this the wrong way. In this era of economic hardship not seen since the 1930's. a time when government's the world over are struggling to balance the books why are we ignoring the potincal windfall that are in the drug industry?
    The facts are clear as day. Drugs are, have been and always will be a fact of life. people, kids, teens, whomever will always find a way to get a hold of or produce some form of mind altering stimulant. And by demonizing all drugs under one universal umbrella we force the sale and the production of these substances underground. into the hands of thugs who are responsible for so much of the crime we have on our city streets. and we lose out on the money that could be made by taxation and the sale of some of these substances. and also the benefit of having a regulated and monitored production stream. where substances can no longer be laced with unknown ingredients which lead to deaths and over dosing.
    We allow alcohol to be served, and look at the damage it causes. how much money is wasted on policing just for handing situations involving drunks, not just the fights you see, but the damaged public property, the domestic cases where women are beaten and children have to be taken out of the home. how much do we wast on because of the effects of over drinking on the body, with hospitalizations and liver failure.
    Im not saying go ahead and legalize all drugs, no not at all. there are some drugs which it would be morally wrong to make freely available to the public. it would cause serious problems. but there are other drugs which we can legalize and doing so would have a greater benefit then anything else.
    for example, E if the government were to de-criminalize this drugs and manufacture it we could eliminate the senseless deaths of young people who seek out the drug on the street. buying pills which could be laced with anything. and by buying from the street encourage the gangs and thugs who make the drug available on the street. selling it legitimately would open up a tax stream as well. and the ability to make consumers aware of the risks and side effects.
    Instead of throwing more money at a problem that will never go away why not embrace it and make money from it, while providing a public service in ensuring the integrity of substances produced and giving a safe place to purchase from.

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