The Month of July

By Mick Mouse · Jul 31, 2012 ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, another month is gone! We are well into summer, along with all of the normal activities that go along with the season. It has been an interesting month for me! Went on several "outings" this month, such as the PCRA rodeo finals and the Extreme Bulls bull-riding, a couple of movies, and one or two day trips that had no specific destination in mind. I had to deal with an ice storm during the beginning of the month, which just about wiped out my garden and this years crop of MMJ, not to mention roof/siding damage to the house and dings in the cars. Then, I got that as fixed as possible and we go straight into a record heat-wave coupled with a major drought! I have been pouring thousands of gallons of water on my yard in an attempt at keeping it green, with limited success. Oh well, I can only do so much! The temps have finally started to slide back to what is considered as normal for this location and time of year, so I am hopeful that things will ease up a little now.

    Finally-it's vacation time! I wanted to go someplace away from the relatives, but it was pointed out to me that we went to see my folks last year, so I think we will go back to Arizona this year, to see all of the wife's relatives. Her nephew is getting married and he has roped me into being the best man, so that will happen in just a few more days. Nothing fancy, it will be the second time around for both of them, so nothing new there. They have been together for a while anyway, but this will make the new baby legal. Or at least unbastard-like! He is a rotten little boy too, and at only a year or so old! I like him a lot, he is a pretty cool little kid.

    Then I think we are going to finalize the plans for my son and his family to move down here and get the hell out of Arizona! I already have him a job lined up with the city, and it comes with a 10,000.00 a year raise over what he is making now, so I don't expect it will take too long for him to make the decision. We are going to take the long way on the return trip and drive up through northern Arizona and into Utah and then cut across Colorado starting at Grand Junction. It should be quite a scenic drive, with lots of National Forests, Monuments, and State Parks to visit on the way home.

    On a personal front, I think I am doing well, all things considered. The Monkey is gone, the meds are effective, and I am slowly getting every aspect of my health checked out. by the end of the year, I should have a more complete view of my health and what, if anything, needs to be addressed. It is actually kind of weird, because I never really concerned myself with medical issues unless I was actively sick, but now I am in the "preventive" mode in which I find myself worrying about things like this and taking steps to ward off any sign of malfunction. I can see very easily how one could develop a hypocondriac (sp) frame of mind too, but I rather suspect that age plays a role there, because when you are young, you never worry about health. When you get older, though-look out! Every ache and pain needs to be looked at, just to make sure that it doesn't spread, if nothing else!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to what the new month may bring!

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