The Month of June

By Mick Mouse · Jun 28, 2012 ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, without realizing it, I seem to have started a monthly up-date, sort of a "blog-within-a-blog, if you will. At least that is how it was described when it was pointed out to me, anyway! I guess it was the post about April, followed by the "It's Mayday!" post that led to this, as I was recently questioned by another member regarding when I was going to post the "up-date for June". Huh? I had not realized that this was what I was doing, but now that it has been so ably pointed out to me (Thanks a lot, too. You know who you are!), I guess it must be time for the June up-date. As I am totally unprepared, it might be a bit sketchy, but I will do better nest month!

    So, for the month of June, lets see, what has happened. Well, my doctor decided to take me off of the Ritalin and put me on Desoxyn instead. That's right, pharmaceutical methamphetamine! I actually do not take it unless absolutely necessary, and certainly not as often as directed, because I just don't like that feeling anymore. We had the big hail storm on the 6th. That really wiped out my entire garden, tore up the roof and the house, and did other assorted damage that is associated with big ice storms. there are a few pictures over in my profile albums, if you are interested.

    Went to a Rockies game in Denver. It was Rockies vs. Angels with the Angels winning. Really good game though, it was the first time me and the wife had ever gone to the Denver ballpark. I have already been told to get tickets for Rockies vs Cubs next year! Changed my dispensary, also in Denver. Better price, better deals, better quality and quantity, but it is just a little farther away. However, the money I save on my MMJ more than pays for the gas used. I was paying 189.00 an ounce with no incentives and now I am paying 170.00 an ounce with a free gram of earwax hash on every OZ purchase, a 1/8 oz for 5.00 once a month, house strain ounces for 150.00, as well as other specials that change frequently. *****These are prices of legal medical marijuana for which I possess a valid state-issued card, as well as being advertised on the internet and in trade industry journals such as MMJMileHighPatient, Culture magazine, and others, so I do not believe that this would be covered under price discussion. If it is, please notify me upon moderation and I will edit before final posting*****

    Then of course we had the Summer Solstice on the 21/22! that was pretty big for me, as it is with most Pagans. I was actually going to do a big event, but at the last minute I changed it to a very small and personal experience. I find that I have really gotten away from outward expressions of my spiritual journey, but that is a topic for a different thread! I been busy coaxing my garden and my MMJ back to life after they got devastated by the hail and i think that everything that is coming back has came back. I lost about 45 to 50 percent of both crops. Waiting for the insurance company to get out here and put a new roof on.

    I got my first speeding ticket in over 8 or 10 years! Damn cop clocked me (illegally! He was using "pop-up' radar.) at 80 in a 65. I had the cruise control set at 80 and the radar detector didn't catch him in time because he was illegally using his radar. I can't really bitch, we were coming back from a junior college basketball camp for my youngest daughter, and if he would have caught me on the way up, it would have been much worse! He kind of pissed me off too, because he ran my license, so he knows I am just 2 years released from prison, but he stands there and wants to try and argue me into admitting how fast I was going! After about 4 or 5 minutes or listening to this shit, I finally told him " I thought I was doing 65. If you have me on radar as doing 80, then just write the ticket and lets go about our business. I will not, under any circumstances, admit to doing something illegal!" I was hoping to bluff him on the radar bit, but he didn't bite. So, we will go to court and see if it is worth 1/2 a day or more of his free non-duty time to show up and deal with a simple speeding ticket, especially if I am willing to bring up the deal with the radar. Either way, the fine is the same price!

    Went to the Greeley Stampede last night, which bills itself as the biggest rodeo in the state. It runs for about three weeks and has brand-name music acts mixed in with local talent, a demo derby, a full-on men's and women's PCRA rodeo, Extreme Bull Challenge's points event, a huge carnival, all of the associated food courts and carny food booths, and quite a few other things. We go to the bull-ridens every year, and then usually go to at least one concert and one night at the carnival, but three nights at those prices is about enough to kill a person! Pictures are posted over in my profile albums, if you are interested.

    Other than a barbeque this weekend, I don't think that I am doing anything else this month, so I will see you again in about 30 days or so!

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