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The Myth That Gabaergics or downers are only for aborting psychedelic trips

  1. fotia
    Just wanted to make an observation I've made about combining a gabaergic like Etizolam, or a downer like Kratom with a psychedelic like say AMT or MXE (yes, I know MXE is a dissassoc, but it has psychedelic effects too).

    A lot of people either seem to not like combining them, or, are simply against the idea, due to the fact that traditionally Benzos have been used to abort trips (i.e. abort acid trips)

    I have to say that what I have observed is that for the anxious person, something like etizolam actually has the potential to greatly enhance the trip because it smooths out the shitty crinkles of mood and anxiety that could turn the trip sour or give a totally bad experience. I would say something similar applies to kratom.

    Hell, I think the best AMT trips usually involve Kratom and Etizolam to the point of almost sedation. Makes the trip pleasant and turns it more inward. i.e. you can zone out into cool dreams.


  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    The difficulty is that benzos will diminish a lot of the positive effects of a psychedelic, not just remove any negative aspects.

    But for sure you're right that it should be considered a valid combination in its own right, for recreational purposes. That idea has indeed been shrouded by the use of benzos to abort bad trips.

    Combining benzos and MXE may not be safe because of CNS depressants.
  2. fotia
    I found thienodiazepines not to abate the positive psychedelic effects of psychedelics at all. Interestingly enough I got more positive psychedelic effects. Haven't tried that many times though. If anything I found it turning a negative psychedelic experience into a positive one without actually lessening the psychedelic effects at all. Mind you, my brain is the type of brain that is overly active. For example, I'm not the type of person to feel the inability to stay awake, but rather, moreso the person who would need to take a few medications at once in order to sleep well
  3. fotia
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