The never ending inner fight

  1. LittleBabyNothing
    You know these moments when someone from whom you really have not expected it, says something that makes you stop and think?

    Few days ago this happened to me. My husband said me to stop, because he is affraid that it is only a matter of half of year and I will not be there and he does not want to lose me.

    It is strange to hear it from him, because he is addict as well, besides, I thought that I am doing better now. I guess, I am not.

    But I am trying.

    I do not have illusions that someday I will quit forever, but I can try to make these pauses longer. I know that do say it in every entry, but... This is just how it is.

    I wish I never knew my DOC, but in the same time, I love it.

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