The New Club Drug: Preparation H

By Nargyle · Jun 3, 2008 · ·
  1. Nargyle
    The hottest club drug appears to be one normally used to fix a "burning" problem.

    Preparation H, the topical medication used to treat hemorrhoids, reportedly is catching fire as the latest "drug" to hit the New York City club scene.

    The topical solution contains a medication called phenylephrine HCL, which shrinks the swollen tissues of hemorrhoids. It works by constricting the nearby blood vessels that surround the area. But the ingredient will shrink other tissue as well.

    The method has been hailed on the Internet and has long been used by body builders in need of a quick fix for a problem area prior to competition, as well as women looking to reduce puffiness around their eyes.

    But one doctor said the off-label usage of the drug is ludicrous.

    "It doesn't even work that well for hemorrhoids," said Dr. Marc Siegel, a FOX News medical contributor. "I find in my practice it has to be combined with hydrocortisone. The notion of phenylephrine is problematic at best. It's a placebo effect."

    Siegel told that the drug can cause uncomfortable side effects such as rashes, as well as more serious side effects such as elevated blood pressure.

    New York bouncer, blogger and author Rob Fitzgerald told that men are slathering up their torsos with the hemorrhoid cream to make themselves look "ripped."

    Fitzgerald, who writes the blog Clublife, recently conducted his own research on the phenomenon, interviewing a user, a drugstore worker and a nightclub manager.,2933,362304,00.html
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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    I like to lather myself up with some H before every date :p
  2. ihavequestions
    how is this considered a club drug? im realy confused now. i mean it sounds totaly lame unless you wanna look a little more toned. other than that though whats the point? LOL you dont go around hearing about people scoring some preporation H. next club drug will probably be sun block.
  3. Nargyle
    I think you're forgetting that we're talking about "FOX News" here, are you really expecting them to make sense??? I think someone hasn't seen FOX News enough times, lol

    Nargyle added 4 Minutes and 5 Seconds later...

    Nightlife: Cream of the Crop

    FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. – Peter Minichiello is running late, but there’s ample reason. Saturday night’s pre-club customs need to be observed. There’s a routine that must be followed to the letter, else consequences – damaged leather upholstery, in this case – will result.

    “I have to get a cover over the middle here,” said Mr. Minichiello, wedging a corner of a large bath towel into the gap between the center console and the passenger seat of his 2003 Lexus. “This shit’s murder on my leather.”

    “This shit” is Preparation H – yes, that Preparation H – and increasing numbers of local young men like Mr. Minichiello are using it for purposes other than the treatment of hemorrhoids.

    “The way you use it,” said Mr. Minichiello, “is to take your shirt off and rub it all over yourself before you go to the club. It makes you look fucking ripped.”

    The science behind the use of Preparation H is somewhat hazy – bodybuilders claim it pulls excess water from underneath the skin – but Mr. Minichiello said he won’t leave for “the club” without applying it. “If you want to get laid, you have to know how to dance,” he said. “And if you want girls to dance with you, you have to look ripped.”

    At CVS on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square, manager Lawrence Weisz has noticed a definite shift in the demographic of customers purchasing Preparation H products. “It’s definitely been a lot more younger guys lately,” he said. “It used to be that people would steal it because they didn’t want to come up to the counter and let everyone know they had hemorrhoids. Now, these young guys come in and they’re very aggressive about it. It’s gotten to the point where I can pick out the guys who are going to buy it when they walk in the door.”

    Mr. Minichiello said his routine rarely varies. “I usually drive down the block so nobody sees me,” he said, “then I pull over, take my shirt off, rub it everywhere I can reach, then pick up the rest of my boys in my undershirt. It works best if you put it on about an hour before you go in the club.”

    According to Mitchell Goldner, manager of a major nightclub in New York’s Meatpacking District, the use of Preparation H is part of the “trickle down” economic effect of New York’s lucrative nightlife industry. “I don’t care how bad the economy gets,” he said. “This is a totally recession-proof business, like funeral parlors or police departments. These kids today would rather starve than not come to our clubs, and this is certainly reflected in the rising sales of Preparation H on Long Island, in New Jersey and elsewhere.”

    It’s a clientele Mr. Weisz said he can live without. “I don’t give a shit what these slapdicks are using it for. I wish they’d stay out of my fucking life. To be perfectly honest with you, I think the shit doesn’t even work, because if it did, these club assholes would all disappear. It’s supposed to get rid of hemorrhoids, isn’t it?”
  4. snapper
    Getting ripped is more consistently achieved by exercising.
    SWIM wonders how greasy these guys are when gettin' 'laid' by all those 'hot' club chicks. You'd think that that much cream would feel pretty sticky and gross...
    SWIM thought for a minute that people were sticking it up their noses for a propylhexadrine like effect, though phenylephrine shouldn't have one.. this does not even qualify as drug use...
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