The Not scientific results of a Not scientific experiment

By DHCdiva · Apr 6, 2012 ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Last night's herbal remedy experiment went as follows...

    Took the Avena Sativa and Valerian after warm bath and milky drink.
    Didn't take any tramadol, or codeine.
    Said my goodnights to DF, and toddled off to bed.
    The last time I checked the time, it was 1.30
    Today started at 5.30a.m. PLUS it's my turn to do the early morning baby shift duty.

    My conclusions are this.

    1). Maybe the fact that I was asleep by around 1.30a.m is more to do with me being up for approx 36 hours the previous day with only 3 hours of snatched naps.

    2). i'm still knackered.

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