The phenibut for daily GAD experiment Entry #2

By Healer · Dec 14, 2014 ·
  1. Healer
    Entry #2
    I should bring to your attention a misinterpretation that might be a result of a horribly named blog. I will likely not end up dosing phenibut daily. Daily dosing of phenibut does not seem like it will be necessary.

    The first dose

    I am excited to try my first dose today. I have a bad sleep cycle so I decided to stay awake for 24 hours just so I can be tired enough to get back to bet at a normal time at night. The phenibut surely helped me stay awake all day. Without it I probably would not have made it.

    ~250mg was dosed orally. I was not prepared and had no capsules. I don't mind the bitter acidic/sour taste. I will be using capsules in the future.

    +2 hours 34 minutes after dosing I felt effects that were far from placebo. Firstly, I became more alert of my surroundings. About 10 minutes after noting this effect I realized just how calm my mind was. I can sit down in my living room with no TV, radio, or computer and be content with doing nothing because everything is so serene. That last statement goes to say the mental clarity has opened up higher cognitive function, because the very word serene is a vocabulary word I now remember from grade school. I've not been able to use such creative and descriptive language since GAD took its toll on my cognitive ability.

    +3 hours 40 minutes in I feel a slight compulsion to re-dose. I amazingly shook off this compulsion instantly because I didn't need to dose more. This makes me think that the exact moment I had the compulsion to re-dose would be when the phenibut reaches peak effect. While abusing drugs I always wanted to re-dose at the first instance of the peak. This time I was able to ignore this junkie habit. I'm not going to take this feeling of compulsion to re-dose as a bad thing, or a negative sign. In my opinion if you are like me and have abused drugs you might understand how it is when you can literally feel yourself starting to come down after the peak of whatever drug. It's not strange or worrisome to me and I doubt you will see me talk about feeling a compulsion to re-dose in any future entries.

    +10 hours 25 minutes and I still feel fantastic. I wouldn't say I feel fantastic like I'm on top of the world. This is a different feel-good feeling other than the on top of the world effect from dopaminergic drugs. I feel on top of the world simply because I'm so content and satisfied with this experiment so far. As I type this I notice my spelling is getting better. I am fixing my own spelling errors without auto-correct. I'm not making as many spelling errors as usual. I feel like if I need to do anything with my dose tomorrow, it would be a lower dose. I am overly tired right now simply because I been awake 24 hours. I looked up from my computer screen and in the window reflection I swear I saw a cat jump through the glass and disappear into the wall. Yeah, its time for bed which is something I will have no problem doing.

    Final thoughts
    So far this chemical has unlocked a vast majority of hidden cognitive function I have been lacking ever since GAD ruined it all. I'm not high off of this dose and I think this dose may actually be too large. The simplicity of this decision says a lot about the positives of this chemical. This is a chemical of abuse apparently, and I'm wanting to take less.

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