The phenibut for daily GAD experiment Entry #3

By Healer · Dec 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Healer
    Entry #3

    Still remaining at a dosage of 150-200mg once daily. Tolerance has built up and I no longer feel exaggerated confidence or sense of well-being 24/7. I am more confident in my decision making than before. Anxiety used to make me second guess my every action. I feel stronger physically and more down to earth. Any type of high form phenibut has passed and I'm grateful for that. I want my mood to be stable and normal, but without tolerance everything is far too elevated.

    I will be taking a 2 day break this weekend to experience any withdrawal or rebound effects. I am also considering the possibility of making a timed release pill. In the mornings I wake up feeling anxious as I normally would. The only difference is the severity of the anxiety. Its far less intense and more free-floating and I don't feel like its bothersome or that I have to dose more phenibut to rid myself of unwanted general anxiety. In fact I don't want to dose right after waking up. I still eat breakfast and shower first. I might get some other things done before getting around to weighing up another dose. There are no signs of withdrawal in the morning or fiending to take more phenibut. The only thing I would be craving is the taste of phenibut. Its like craving candy, because phenibut sort of tastes like sour candy.

    I'm enjoying things as a person normally should now. I never found satisfaction in accomplishing goals or doing something productive within the past few years. I could never actually complete a set goal because I would over complicate things or take things too fast and try to reach unreasonable goals. Now I have realized the importance of taking things slowly in small steps. I began fixing things around the house that I broke a long time ago. I'm achieving goals with such ease that I want to keep doing more. I'm 10,000% more productive and its not like the temporary productiveness and getting-shit-done like I dealt with from abusing amphetamines. Its a steady working goal-oriented motivation all day long. Its not like the mania from amphetamine abuse either. Its just straight up normal motivation and energy that I used to have before GAD became a major problem.

    I wake up starving now. Its so bad that I almost feel sick. As if I been starving for weeks. I never realized how little I was eating. Phenibut is giving me normal eating habits. I never could eat a full meal, but now I eat about twice as much per meal. I become really hungry always around 6 hours after dosing. I normally spend the hours after eating things. Something good must be occurring from this since I'm feeling stronger and I'm waking up with what feels like growing pains. Without working out the day before my muscles feel like they would in the mornings after a workout. I've read a few comments about phenibut releasing HGH, I'm not sure about these claims. I think I've just gone a long time without eating properly and dealing with malnutrition and now that I'm eating more per meal, and eating more frequently my body is bouncing-back and enjoying the nutrients.

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    A newly converted straightedge user, but still hungry for knowledge about drugs and I want to start to promote harm reduction again, but better than before. I was this year diagnosed for a problem with my brain that's been causing problems over a decade. Finally years of seeing doctors pays off. The diagnosis was scary at first. Personally I just like to read, and learn about things online. About anything. I used to travel a lot for research work. Sadly I don't recall much of it anymore. That just means I have to research more! I blog now and will spending a big chunk of time doing that.

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  1. fotia
    Good to hear. 150-200 mg is a nice conservative therapeutic dose. Hopefully you can consistently reap good benefits from it and the 2-day breaks are on-point for that purpose. I once binged on phenibut years ago (between 5-10 grams a day) and it messed up my life in huge ways, but I am interested in possibly using it in a much more sane way now if benefits are possible. The effects you get from phenibut kind of sound like the effects I got from etizolam earlier this year. I was probably less productive than you but I still did a lot of things this summer I wouldn't have otherwise.
  2. Healer
    I am still getting fantastic effects. As long as you're dead set on getting help instead of getting high you might be able to get similar benefits like I have. I treat this stuff as if its a legitimate pharmaceutical. I keep my weighed up capsules in a prescription bottle with a mock pharmacy label on it inside my medicine cabinet. Keeping phenibut in the container/bag it came in would be enticing to take large doses for non medicinal reasons I think.

    Did you feel any chest pains or breathing problems while abusing?
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