The phenibut for daily GAD experiment Entry #4

By Healer · Dec 22, 2014 · ·
  1. Healer
    Its the end of the first week! The past two days have been weird. I tried a 1.5 gram dose on Friday night for sleep. It wasn't a good experience at all. It did work for sleep, but it was not worth it. I felt it hit me 3 hours after dosing with an intoxicating wobbly vision. I was clear headed but eventually became lethargic and threw up from nausea. I dealt with nausea till I fell asleep. When I woke up 5 hours later with an empty stomach and nausea still I forced myself to eat and drink water. I knew I was feeling some withdrawal effects.

    The weird thing was after the 1.5g started effecting me I felt more like I was in withdrawal than high, with slight intoxication. I had serious chest pains and my mind just felt sick. It felt like the flu so I assume it was withdrawal. I continued feeling like shit so I did not take anymore phenibut till sunday morning. I didn't think phenibut would dehydrate me this bad. Nor did I think I would hit any type of withdrawal. Since Friday I monitored my eating and drank plenty of water.

    The only factors that may have fucked with things is my nicotine withdrawal. I quit Friday night. Cigarettes were making me so nauseous. I couldn't even finish half a cigarette before feeling sick. I think phenibut is to blame. I'm now through major nicotine withdrawal. Its been 3 days and the anger is gone. I woke up today laughing at how much of an asshole I been the past 3 days. Earlier sunday morning I woke up talking rude shit to people who were over. I took a few hours nap after that and woke up happy as normal. I have gentle cravings for cigarettes still. This withdrawal is a lot easier to deal with compared to when I went through it without phenibut.

    Since I slept through most of my nicotine withdrawal as normal I'll be up 24 hours again to restore sleeping patterns to normal. In 4 hours I'll be taking what is now my 250mg dose. I will take another 250mg at 5PM and keep this dosing schedule till friday morning. On Friday morning I'll only have a morning dose so come Sunday if any withdrawal is present I will know for sure this time, since I screwed things up with larger experimental dosing before this last weekend. Its really important I know how I feel mentally and physically without any active dose of phenibut in me.

    New findings
    Since I've started taking this chemical body hair has gotten thicker and darker. Facial hair is far more thicker and I just noticed this morning in the shower that I have more chest hair compared to a week ago.

    Acne is also going away. I've kept myself to a strict face-washing regimen for the last 3 months. Once I started using phenibut I only used water to wash my face and maybe an exfoliating salysilic acid cleanser once every three days. I have not seen my skin so clear in years. Maybe having anxiety increases an acne causing stress hormone. I actually sprinkled 35mg of phenibut into warm water and scrubbed my face with it. 8 hours later I looked in the mirror happy as fuck. Everything but one last remaining pimple is there. Everything else is down to just a blemish. And any skin that didn't have acne looks fantastic. The skin is even, I can't even see my pores, blackheads are gone, and its so smooth to the touch. This is from only one use. I plan on doing it Wednesday again. Now that I quit smoking the results should be even better!

    Muscles are getting very toned. This is usual when I quit smoking, but I never see any muscle tone for 2 weeks after I quit smoking. I worked out a little last night and my flabby muscles that are a result of me smoking quickly toned up and my forearms which are usually scarily skinny are getting bigger, quite quickly.

    Mental processes are perfect right now. Ruminating thoughts are a thing of the past. Suicidal thoughts as well. With the phenibut comes a bunch of emotions. More empathy for sure. Since abusing drugs I've generally felt desensitized. With higher doses of phenibut I feel completely self-aware. Its such a good feeling I refuse to take a high dose again. That will surely cause an addiction of sorts. 500mg will give me a whopping confidence boost. 150-250mg will still kill any symptoms associated with GAD without any recreational high.

    Warning to you all who suffer from anxiety and want to use phenibut. I really started my dosing right. My fuck around with high doses at the end of this week was a mistake. You will find that you feel fantastic on high doses, that's obvious. What you may not realize is that dosing more than you need too will make you feel great, but it will cloud your judgement and mind. You will be more manic than normal. You will begin to take doses at inappropriate times and amounts. You will lie to yourself and justify your inappropriate dosing for reasons that are unjust. Besides the fact I felt like shit in my stomach on 1.5g of phenibut it taunted me to keep taking higher doses. I felt fantastic on that dose. The funny thing is I felt a major relief, and I actually feel a lot happier now that I'm back on 250mg doses. My mind is right on this dose because it's not too weak, and not too strong. There is a fine line and it takes careful experimentation to find out where that line is for you. If you're taking the suggested dose your dealer told you to take you're not going to find much success like I am.

    Be happy, be safe, and get your shit right at the first sign of a slip-up if you want to play lab-rat with this chemical.

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  1. fotia
    Good call on avoiding higher doses. I wouldn't even suggest going over the current daily dose, maybe even lower it if you can or take breaks a couple times a week.

    I heard that there was a difference between racemic phenibut and the R-isome, and that "true" russian phenibut (the r-isomer) was a lot "cleaner" in effect. I only had phenibut from one source so I wouldn't know but it'd be interesting to try this alleged r-isomer. It's annoying though because you never really know what you are getting.

    have you ever tried baclofen?
  2. Healer
    I never did any research into the isomer I have. I'll see what I have and share the results. I got into phenibut before I learned of baclofen. I would be interested in trying baclofen as its a GabaC receptor antagonist. If my adventure with phenibut ends up bad I would try baclofen after a good time spent off any Gabanergic chemicals.

    On a side note I have an appointment with the psych at the end of January. I plan to share with her my use of phenibut and discuss other types of pharmaceutical medications that I might not know about that may work in similar ways to phenibut. If she makes a good argument I'll give whatever she suggests a trial run.
  3. Healer
    My Penibut is 50-50 r/s isomer.
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