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The Puridone Program - A Breakthrough for Painkiller Addiction?

By Pain Hurts, Jun 17, 2012 | | |
  1. Pain Hurts


  1. FunkyNotAJunky
    just curious if this has been approved by the FDA? i read your link but it doesn't appear to be.

    my psychiatrist told me that unless a drug has been FDA approved he is not allowed to prescribe it. (we were talking about melatonin btw).

    so when i read about these doctors using it 'clinically' which means they must be prescribing it....

    just seems kind of shady.

    but don't get me wrong; i am not questioning your sincerity! i would try it if it was free to see for myself.

    but until then i'll stick with subs. :)
  2. Pain Hurts
    ? not sure, just know as much as the article says, and I am in Canada.

    I just thought it would spark some additional feedback and since it was not already posted perhaps someone might know more and tell us?

    I have not heard of it up here either. I always look out for potential Opiate news as I require meds for my scoliosis and honestly regret ever starting a few years back. I was at 300+ mg Old Oxy and now under 160mg Neo / day ... but my overall life sucks, the value of life that is, I had to leave work and lost most social networks, etc.. the same ol story .. so any potential product that might help people like me get off opiates (when they decide) , see I just cannot stop as I really do require pain treatment and legit pain caught up to me at this age. But I still would prefer not taking any.

    I am not sure but maybe as wee hear more of this product it might help others out there in the U.S?
    I hope so.

  3. Twizal
    I hope this helps I'm just a little sceptical of a product marketed by its makers and not written up anywhere else. Plus the catchy ' done ' in the title why link it to methadone etc.? .I can't help feeling its the Gruen transfer at play here.. However ANYTHING that helps is good and I guess if you don't try it you never know. Please keep us informed.
    I remember a while back an ex-addict put a formula of herbs and vitamins for the same use....haven't heard much about that in a while...was called ' withdrawal ease' I think? Maybe he sold the formula?
    P.s any of the threads on DF that detail how to wd always include taking a good mineral and vit supplement as well as protein drinks and something like ' Hydrolite' to help prevent de-hydration. Just checked the ingredients and the same are listed in the protein drink my mate uses.the herbs however aren't in the mix!
    Didn't see the cost anywhere either .
  4. Petri6
    According to the clinical study at the company's website (www.puridone.com/study.pdf) one daily dose includes (in addition to the vitamins and what-nots) a 1500mg mix of the following herbs and essences: Eleuthero Root, Green Tea, Ginger Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Skullcap Flower, Gotu Kola Root, Passion Flower, Essences of: Chamomille Flower, St. John’s Wort, Red and White Chestnut, Walnut, Morning Glory Flower.

    I'm also pretty skeptical about this product (haven't read through the study though but also have doubts about its claimed independency). Well, at least it doesn't actually contain opioids (Kratom) as some previous remedy did.
  5. DesertDude
    Hi there, I found this thread though Google search. Im not much on introductions, and rater not bore you with my personal life,

    But here is my first post and response to this topic.

    I am currently attempting to get off pain killers, I will not use a third party to hide behind, I see a word here used a lot, I rather just lay my cards out, you cant see my real name anyhow

    I just ordered the Puridone Program, After much looking at internet articles and such. Its a gamble. $400 gamble as opposed to an in patient treatment for 5 grand. I realize this product is just a cocktail of vitamins and herbs, to be honest, I could never even fathom to replicate this recipe and turn it into a liquid form. Im not a chemist.

    It appears to be a new product with good results. I am seeking support, Im sorry I dont have anything to contribute as far as advise ...so far, I was born with an addictive personality, both parents smoked and drank. I drank heavy for 10 years and it put me in the hospital 12 years ago, so I quit that. I moved on to something to replace the alcohol, and I found Vicodine, Progressing to prescribed Norco for chronic back pain. I got pretty deep into these things, so I started seeing a second doctor to keep my levels comfortable.

    Well, I got caught, got my butt chewed, and both Docs cut me off, I spoke to a lawyer to see if I had any rights voilated, He told me I could get tossed in jail for what I did. So Im cut off, have a bit left, and down to 2 a day

    I tried to quit cold turkey a couple of weeks ago, sat on the couch for 3 days, a darn near got riger-mortum sitting there so long in a fog. So I started to regulate myself to 2 a day to function

    Puridone Program is a taper off program from what I was told over the phone that will replace the energy lost I get from Norco, So that is my plan. I need to continue to work or lose everything. So I am putting my faith and gambling on this $400 program.

    Wish me luck, If anybody wants reports if this work, I will gladly post them here

    Thanks for hearing me out
  6. Basoodler
    welcome to Drugs-forums!

    If you ever need advice, help or just to chit chat to get your mind off of things the people here are great for all of that. Myself when dealing with with withdrawals I found a fair amount of peace here in reading the stories, trying help people out (even in a small way) and gaining more knowledge on what I was facing ahead.

    Its defiantly a good place :)

    I am sure other members would appreciate your report on this. Many here are too struggling and reports like that can help more than you think.

    again welcome to DF!
  7. DesertDude
    Much Thanks, For somebody here to understand, Not like you can just confide this info with just anybody, even close family members dont know of this problem, its an easy one to hide.

    I anxiously await the package to arrive and start recovery process discreetly
  8. Rob Cypher
    The website link is from a site dedicated to advertising products (check the root directory of the site). The ingredient list looks to be all stuff you could purchase at your local drugstore, to be honest. This _does not_ look like a long-term solution to me; more like a waste of money.

    The most shameful thing is that Yahoo News! is shilling this and masquerading it as one of their news articles: http://news.yahoo.com/puridone-might-answer-three-fourths-prescription-drug-abusers-090153108.html

    I would stay very far away. It stinks on ice from here.

    Also, I notice that the two posters in this thread trying to talk up the product (other than the OP and his initial inquiry) have less than 5 posts together on DF. Really makes me think 'shill' here.
  9. DesertDude
    No shill here, I have not even given a report as to whether or not this stuff works or not, im just into 3 full days of using this product. I found this web board though self research, I was drawn by content, I have no affiliation with the manufacture of this. They are saying it starts to really take effect on day 4-5

    I was looking for answers, not criticism, I can go elsewhere if I want feel the need to bicker with someone

    Have a nice weekend, I wish I felt as good as you at this point in my life
  10. aneez33
    hello, so did it work? i really need something to help
  11. Potter
    The fact that we have had a thread critical of this program that hasn't attracted an employee to set up an account and post flimsy defenses that eventually lead to threats of lawsuits, would, in my mind, indicate that they aren't a total scam. When we've had threads covering less savory outfits, they have seen goons to come and be all butthurt, the first indication their program can't stand up to scrutiny.
  12. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Here's the article:

    The Puridone Program is an incredible new proprietary formula with patent-pending technology that gives hope to anyone dealing with the stress and discomfort of withdrawing from painkillers and opiates. The Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing report that 25% of those on opioid medication (routinely prescribed after surgeries or injuries) meet criteria for addiction. Through no fault of their own, individuals can find themselves physically addicted to these commonly used medications, wreaking havoc on their health and mental well-being, as well as their family and work life.

    The only way to heal from painkiller addiction is to stop using them, but dependence can happen after even a short time. Once a person has begun coping with uncomfortable feelings and sensations by using opiates, attempting to come off of these medications can often be fraught with difficult and intensely uncomfortable side effects, including:
    *Agitation *Anxiety *Constipation *Loss of sex drive *Cravings *Depression *Fatigue *Muscle aches *Increased tearing *Insomnia *Sweating

    Puridone was designed for this exact purpose, and unlike offsite detox programs, Puridone can be safely used in the comfort of your own home. Puridone eases these symptoms, allowing the body to achieve a successful recovery. Containing a synergistic blend of 14 herbs, and 23 vitamins and minerals, Puridone has been specifically designed to both increase overall health and combat the very symptoms of opiate withdrawal that make it so hard for people to quit.

    Puridone’s unique formula, which contains B-Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-C, and Choline, all work together with herbs such as Skullcap, Gotu Kola, Eleuthero, and Passion Flower to help the body achieve mental and physical balance. Individuals taking Puridone have demonstrated improved energy and mental alertness as well as better sleep, lower anxiety and increase sex drive. Puridone helps accomplish this without the use of stimulants.

    Nearly a decade of research has gone into this groundbreaking formula, but even the best solution can’t provide benefit if it can’t be effectively absorbed by the body. Puridone enables its incredible rates of absorption and efficacy by using a nano-encapsulation delivery system that reduces the particle size of the ingredients, dramatically increasing absorption rates by up to 400%.

    Molecules of the active compounds are separated and enveloped in all-natural encapsulation material, maintaining the compounds’ nano-size for the most efficient use by the body. Unlike many other encapsulating materials, Puridone uses all natural plant lipids, which are a food grade material. There is no danger of any adverse response from the body, the material delivers its payload and then is completely metabolized just like any other food based particles would be.

    In a third-party study verifying the efficacy of Puridone, study participants showed dramatic improvement in levels of anxiety and depression, as well as increased mental alertness, decreased levels of stress, increased energy and improvements in quality of sleep. Dr. Stewart Alan Kauffman from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine reports, “In my pain management practice I work with professionals, sports figures, medical students, and even young people at my children’s high school - all suffering from opiate addiction. I can safely and confidently recommend the Puridone Program to anyone dealing with painkiller dependency.”
  13. Rob Cypher
    That 'unique formula' isn't anything you couldn't assemble yourself from a drugstore or even some dollar stores, frankly. Unless there's something else in there they aren't mentioning (which I doubt).

    Their "third-party study" wasn't conducted by Dr. Kauffman, was it? BTW, he's a real person that deals with 'pain management' according to Google; I guess if one was interested one could call him [his phone # is online] or check him out to see if he's the real deal or just a quack. According to the "Rate My Doctor" website he has a 3.0 rating (out of 5); there are a couple of positive reviews that are really short in nature and then there are 2 that are 1.0 and negative in nature:

    'Prescribes medication that he knows little about, including knowing very little about what the disease entails that he is prescribing for. The staff is actually pretty wonderful. I rated the staff poorly based on interaction with Chrissy, the Dr.'s wife, who is out of her gourd borderline crazy. She drops her baby off with the wonderful staff as I they're her nannies and treats them as if they her personal assistants. The Dr. Is constantly threatening to leave his practice in front of his patients(I eyewitnessed) and their bringing their personal issues, and there are many, into the office has made me leave. The Dr. can and was good. But the interference he allows from his wife is just too much and incredibly unprofessional. She's actually called me on te phone ranting about him, then cursing me out, an I am a patient and have been for a while! No more. If he allows her to run his established practice into the ground bc of crazy Chrissy, who knows what else he'll do. A true shame.'

    All of this still smells of 'homeopathic' stuff (which I really have doubts about, but that's another topic) with OTC vitamins. To me, anyway. :eek:

    Has anyone actually tried this stuff? I still have yet to see any established reviews from somebody with actual posting experience on here.
  14. Basoodler
    I can think of 3 scenarios for that review

    1) she came in seeking an opiate fix and he gave her the stuff he invented instead

    2) she was fucking the Dr. But he chose to stay with the wife. This bitch loses her shit and tries to ruin his rep. That would also explain his wife calling.. and her apparent issue with the Dr.'s wife

    3) a combination of 1) and 2)


    Either way that complaint doesn't sound kind of sketchy.. I wouldn't judge the product on it.

    He must have decent funding just going by the advertising. They are full page and on yahoo's main page. The probably takes some corporate support

    He claims that it relieves specific symptoms of withdrawal on his web page. At least on the official site those are the only things covered.. it doesn't kill pain or anything else.

    I guess he says you will no longer be dependant after 60 days.. which is accomplished without his product and in much less time by simply not taking opiates.

    no energy
    lack of alertness
    muscle aches
    night sweats
    mood changes
    loss of appetite

    I would assume the clinical trials were based on people saying they had "some improvement" in any of those areas. I mean any improvement however small. You can't really go by how much improvement was realized because its subjective .

    Even without a miracle pill you will have days where your symptoms are terrible and others where they may seem improved.

    It would be more dependant on when you asked the question. I also don't see why those herbs wouldn't provide some improvement on that list.. hell he has energy level listed atleast twice maybe more depending on how you view mood etc ,mood/depression twice.. itching is a symptom from taking the drug.. once you stop itching improves.. I mean its not that much of a reach to tackle his list.

    Based on his website, the ads, product packaging I would almost wonder if he was hired to be the figurehead doctor for a cooperate product.. that complaint did say he wanted out!
  15. profesor
    The review (Prescribes medication that he knows little about...) does sound legit to me because she gives verifiable details. If I went into his office (yeah, right) and I saw the kids running around, a busybody wife, and/or the doctor threatening to leave, that would confirm the review enough for me. I have seen a lot of doctors, and I've seen that type.
    I think Rob has it spot on. Not only could one get all those individual ingredients, there are a lot of supplement pills/preparations with the same combination, in fact I think a lot of energy drinks have that combination along with caffeine and taurine. Plus with all those different ingredients, how could a legitimate researcher untangle just what is synergetic and in what amounts?

    Also don't underestimate the power of placebos. I wouldn't be surprised if there are one or two junkies out there who have got clean with the stuff. That is the power of faith. I noticed they don't give any percentages or stats of how many have had any success or even progress, much less how it compares to placebos. This should be available with the most basic of studies.

    At least it doesn't look like it could do much harm either.

  16. Basoodler
    @profesor [​IMG]
    like I said his list of symptoms is not all that aggressive and could easily be placebo

    the plan is an extremely conservative taper... which I am sure helps matters more


    here is the caption broken down

    that is because you have not stopped taking any opiates... so for two weeks I guess you are preloading

    this taper will in itself relieve symptoms of withdrawal.
    Notice there are no claims of Puridone doing anything after you start a taper..

    from the clinical study (that appears to also be an advertisement)

    again with taper

    this part I find interesting

    I guess that means if a part of the existing treatment plan included bupe, suboxone or methadone the subjects continued to take it.

    I guess it is somewhat fair to compare symptom's people have while taking those.

    the results are based on a BDI evaluation (Beck Depression Inventory)

    I found this tidbit of knowledge about the results of multiple BDI tests

    Is the Beck Depression Inventory Reliable Over Time? An Evaluation of Multiple Test-Retest Reliability in a Nonclinical College Student Sample
    Journal of Personality Assessment DOI: 10.1207/s15327752jpa7002_3Glen Wolfner Ahava & Christen Iannone
    pages 222-231

    then the interview questions

    49 out of 66 participants reported increased mental alertness, a 75% increase.
    46 out of 66 reported decreases in levels of stress, a 70% improvement.
    54 out of 66 experienced increased energy levels, an 81% improvement.
    42 out of 66 reported improvements in sleep, a 64% improvement.

    it is feasible that a person who has poor nutrition because of a drug problem will see those improvements from taking the vitamins alone.

    they show it causes better caffeine uptake (not sure how that is overly related)

    The pdf does make good points on proper nutrition during withdrawal to reduce symptoms. which I think is the "magic" of Puridone. Nutrition and a gradual taper.

    it also may be a positive mental placebo, where if one believes it is making a difference, then in turn the person has a more positive outlook on the process. Just believing that you have been relieved of symptoms can be powerful in maintaining a positive outlook. positive outlook is what most people lack when quitting drugs and a big reason its so hard to quit.
  17. Rob Cypher
    It would be better off selling itself as an add-on to detox therapy, not as the default detox therapy. Seems like the literature is promoting itself as a viable alternative to suboxone treatment...just the impression I got. Not trying to throw salt in their 'game' or whatever but be more honest.
  18. Basoodler
    I don't think they are really all that dishonest compared to other placebo "infomercial" drugs.

    at the bottom on the web page they covered their asses nicely (I always look there first)

    The claims about the drink are mostly about nutrient absorption

    they are careful to tie results in with the "program" which is the 60 day taper..


    They succeeded in making me laugh


    (to be fair the company is located just north of Philly and not near the border.. )

    The program would be a better way to quit opiates than stringing yourself out on suboxone.. But you are paying $400 for a taper program that is readily displayed for free on the website and some vitamins with supercharged caffeine. That have N20

    this is where I think they may be full of shit in a big way. (below)

    Then I looked up the info in this quote and found some information on the clinical trials and similar things these Dr.'s are testing

    PuriPhyte -err...a similar drug involving Dr. Domenick Braccia and Dr. Richard Goldfarb..


    sound familiar?

    if you click the home link on the ^ this drug web site it now redirects to http://www.puridone.com/

    the PuriPhyte website credits RKL Nutraceuticals as a developer

    It is owned by Rob Lunny who has released other miracle cures such as The Rob Lunny Weight Loss Transformation which is apparently is PuriPhyte repacked. (which is now known as The Puridone Program) (the contents seem to be the same on both)

    This is a fake blog I assume where he claims to be using it and links to the site as advice.
    Its got an array of scammy element.. like a link leading to unrelated celebrity weight loss stories.. links to unrelated products.. claims that it is an established blog .. despite very little blogging..etc

    He says it cured his food addiction.. which has very little in common with chemical dependency.. and discredits the whole opiate angle imho

    Rob Lunny is a body builder /watch?v=faIrgHEQaQI (paste that after the youtube part)
    in the video he is winning an all natural body building contest

    the video has an interesting comment

    and two more deleted comments
    so someone thinks he may have been dishonest...

    there is also another youtube video of Mr. Luney and Domenick Braccia to confirm his identity

    I can't find a web page for RKL Nutraceuticals

    that's all I got :)

    (This is where Potter's wish may come true and someone swoops in to defend)
  19. profesor
    That was outstanding work, Basoodler! I'm a little disappointed that I didn't catch this:

    Apparently they did track the progress of a group of 66, after all. They didn't totally make it up claims from nothing. I think this is more than many nutritional supplement products can say. Still, no control group, no comparison to subjects taking placebos. I wouldn't accept results of a study without a control group for comparison.
  20. Basoodler
    Not to mention that it was a group of 66 addicts, that they didn't bother drug tested throughout the program, nor did they stop taking stuff like suboxone..

    They covered their bases well tbh , like a lawyer wrote the ads and reports.
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