The sad state of Drugs-Forum Groups

By Joe-(5-HTP) · Dec 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I kinda feel bad saying this, cause I love DF. We all do. But DF has an awkward secret which no one mentions. We try to be courteous and pretend as best as we can that it just doesn't exist.. but it does. We all know it does. So I'm gonna do the Joe thing and just bust it out in as much hyperbolic glory as I can manage.

    I'm taking of course, about the Drugs-Forum groups. To say that they are a ghost town does not come close to communicating the soul draining emptiness of our groups. Whenever there is a good group going strong, with some people actually posting in them, we get this amazing feeling like wow, great here is a group working well! Until we then realise that was just the groups honeymoon period, and in a month or so that group will be.. for want of a better word.. a ghost town.

    All the groups are just sitting there in that Group tab.. if you dare to go and look. You might not like what you see though. If the groups could talk, they would say "kill me... please.. just kill me"

    What's worst though is that the memory of that honeymoon stage in each group when every day people were writing in there and new people joined, is frozen in time. The new-group excitement is still there in those posts people wrote. That's the most gut-wrenching observation. The innocent naive exitement is frozen in time forever, forced to share its afterlife eternally in direct proximity with the utterly endless infinitely dark vacuum of absolute emptiness that proceeded the honeymoon stage. If only that poor excitement had known what was coming, we pity it. And yet, that excitement is our own. We pity ourselves. But worst of all.. that emptiness is therefore our own too. So in our self-pity, we find the horrifying truth of our desolate emptiness.

    ps alfa and the modz, ok if this is too much, i will delete... err... it wasn't me? hehe I think that persuaded them! phew, that was close. Wait why am I still typing this? Goddamn it now I revealed that it was me after all..

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  1. fleur du mal
    Ugh... I know what you mean about the groups. When I first joined the site, I noticed the distinct lack of participation in the opium and opiate/oid groups, and that's why I ended up starting the "opium den." I think that for a group to thrive, someone has to really take the initiative to start discussions and encourage participation by other people. I don't really see anyone doing that in any of the "dead" groups, which is why they're dead. I have to admit that I've been slacking off when it comes to starting new discussions in my group lately because I've been trying to wrap up all of the end-of-semester stuff for my classes, and I feel a little bad about it.

    I also think that encouraging people to ask their own questions in the groups is very important to the survival of them. At first I was, of course, starting discussions based on my own particular interests, but I've really tried to encourage others to make their own contributions as well. People need to be made to feel that their opinions and experiences are valued, because this makes them much more likely to participate. :)

    Wait... was this really about the groups or about Joe's desolation and emptiness?
  2. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I said 'we' and 'our' emptiness : P

    I regret to inform you the 'little bad' you feel will soon open up into a vast chasm of desolation.

    There's no fighting it. The groups are doomed. Doomed I tell ye.
  3. fleur du mal
    No, it won't! :p And usually when people say "we" and "our," they're projecting their own feelings, so yes, I think you were talking about yourself...
  4. Joe-(5-HTP)
    While most people are indeed as presumptuous as I am and try to speak for everyone, I'm actually right.

    I hope you are right perro, but you haven't seen what I have seen. The innocent optimism always decays into an emaciated emptiness. Thus it is. Thus it has been. Thus it always will be.
  5. fleur du mal
    I kind of halfway get the feeling that you're messing with me at this point... You can't really be that pessimistic, can you? And trust me, if I think you're too pessimistic, that's really saying something, because I'm quite the pessimist myself...
  6. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I'm not messing with you perro. The only way to guard against the coming darkness is to drink an elixer for which you'll need to collect these special ingredients at the half moon:

    yeah ok you caught me, I'm joking around. I said it was as much hyperbole as I could manage remember : P
  7. Alfa
    This is a topic that I am passionate about. The problem is not DF or its groups. The problem is the underlying software: vbulletin groups.
    Groups are hidden and do not tie into the forum experience. The notifications do not work. No one sees new content.
    Its not that DF users are not interested. They certainly are. In fact DF groups are relatively successful if you compare it to other vbulletin sites.
    It also lacks functionality we have in forum. For posting but also moderation is practically impossible.
    When a group leader becomes inactive then the group is as good as dead. Simply because the group is even hidden to the group leader and no notifications are sent to the group leaders phone or email.
    There can also be just one group leader. Which is ridiculous.
    And to make it more extreme: once a group is dead: almost no one sees it, so there is no rescue.

    All this will change with the site overhaul. I see a promising future for groups as they will be just as functional and visible as other forums. This includes group posts in new posts and instant notifications.
    I like the idea of community managed groups and think this will become an important part of DF in 2015.
  8. Joe-(5-HTP)

    Of course, it's clear that the software is the issue. I feel like after the site overhaul we should still have a minute silence some day each year to remember the old ghost town groups. We owe them that.
  9. fleur du mal
    You crack me up every time! :crazy
  10. D0pe
    Drugs N Arts that i would like to reboot has hundreds of members yet none post.. Was thinking about posting my own art, To try and Reboot it.. But was unsure if it would help or not.. Since i basically do art for a living it would not be a problem. But with the ghost town state of things.. Ermmm..
  11. Joe-(5-HTP)
    We understand and sympathise with your ghost town situation D0pe.
  12. fleur du mal
    Maybe I could post some of mine in there too. Maybe we could revive it? Although, I'm sure Joe would just tell us it's futile. :p
  13. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I wish it were only futile perro. The reality is that futility would be an infinite improvement. The futility of the groups is the kind of futility that fuses with your soul, seeking out all hope you might have for anything else too.. and forcing it to confront its own futility. Ripping out its eyelids, chaining it in front of a mirror - so that the 'eternal human hope' of which we speak so fondly, will live out its infinite existence unable to look away from its tortured and disfigured reflection for the rest of time..
  14. fleur du mal
    Oh my god, you are too funny. Where do you come up with this stuff? :crazy
  15. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It's just the truth.
  16. fleur du mal
    Well, there is no "truth." But I think you know that already. :p
  17. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I'm not sure that I do know that. Think about this:

    Are you saying it is 'true' that there is no truth...?

    ; )
  18. Alfa
    Joe you are correct as always, another valuable philosophy lesson for Alfa.
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