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The second note SWIM found in the blog.

  1. silentghost
    (This one was in a much better condition then the last one, however, quite profane)

    [Here I am, Friday night] and these [ladies] aren't in to me and they [drink] all my [alcohol]. Of they wanted to relax and be mellow, it would be different. Bye to them!

    What bothers me is when they pursue other men-i.e. my friends- right in front of me. I'm human too and I drink and party to be reminded of that.

    (unintelligible scribbles)

    I'm finding myself more depressed then ever before when they do this.


    I did attempt to [censored] myself when I came home early tonight but [I found that] my sister took my knives when she searched my apartment last week.


  1. Benga
    sounds familiar to what a younger swim used to write, beat poet like, poems and other drunken illuminations about ego loss...wee those were the days, the freshness
  2. savingJenniB
    How do you know that it was your sister who took your knives?
    How do you know it was not the Green Man?
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