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the start..... desperation

By Jaden, Oct 8, 2008 | | |
  1. Jaden
    Swim feels disorientated and exhausted and feels like head is going to explode with pressure?

    swim wants to know how others coped with amphetamine addiction and whats the best way to cope with quitting

    what does swiy do for the first 3 days of not taking speed?

    Swim feels so down and scared and does not feel like swim can cope with withdrawal

    Swim needs help, can swiy offer any advice x :confused:


  1. takeyourmeds
    just wrote u long share of SWIM's helpful tricks & lost it!
    benzo's (stronger than weening)
    SLEEP (could takedaysor weeksdepending on user to regain a significant amount of their "sleep debt"
    books/tv/movies w/ "ur kind" that have positive connotations but keep u feeling real:
    MORE NOW AGAIN Elizabethwurtxel (ya she canbewhining but this is relatable/0
    THE CLEANER re: BenjaminBratt
    but if those "trigger u" maybe that idea won't work if u can't see it for what it is in the big pic.
    NO RESPONSIBLITIES for a few days, u get the flue.
    try to dooneor two small tasks each time u wake.
    EAT!! it's almost too tiring but DIRE. Some peeps like a lot of protien & veggies. Cesaer salad! perfect!
    hope u feel better.

    just don't let ur head trick u into believing ur place/feeling right now is permanent.
    above anything else, THAT is the BIG LIE!!!
  2. takeyourmeds
    please feel free to private mess me. i don't always check in that often so know thats wassup if i don't respond for awhile. thats all. CHEERS MATE@!
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