The State of our Entertainment Industry

By Metomni · Aug 20, 2008 · ·
  1. Metomni

    Now I haven't watched the show, but it seems like while they may mean good, I don't like the idea of televising individuals going through this hard time. It screams exploitation. What are your thoughts on something like this? I wouldn't be surprised if it also shines a poor light on drug use, it talks about how they focus on the cleanliness, but most responsible users are clean.

    I am interested in checking it out to see what it is like, but from the description, SWIM doesn't like the ideas behind it, they don't seem very pure.

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  1. BuffaloBoobs
    I've seen one episode a while back. It was about a stripper meth fiend. I understand where you're coming from about exploiting these poor souls, but the episode I saw featured said woman loving all the attention and excited about a documentary about her/addiction.
    Good and bad to it. I'm sure that the pressure and check ups from family/friends/show employees helps these former fiends stay clean.
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