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  1. BB1988
    There was once a time,
    you eased my pain.
    where I once found loneliness,
    you brought comfort.
    Where I once found sadness,
    you brought relief.
    I looked around and beside me and thought,
    what a great friend I had found.

    and then you brought the rain...
    Suddenly the sun wasn't shining.
    The grey clouds of life wrapped around me.

    Where you once brought me comfort,
    you left me lonely.
    Where you once brought relief,
    you brought the storm.
    You left me in a flood of misery
    and laughed at me as you sailed away.
    Just as I began to drowned,
    in the flash flood that is my life,
    I cried out for God to help me,
    and he lend down his hand.

    Now Im just a passenger,
    on a ship I once thought I owned.
    I thought you were meant to save me,
    when you were just meant to send me sinking.

    A goodbye I wrote to my drug of choice. I'm not the best writer, but this is in a nutshell how my addiction has unfolded.


  1. Emilita
    BB1988 beautiful poem, l think you might be underestimating you skill in writing poetry.

    Thank you for sharing your experience :)
  2. BB1988
    Thank you! means a lot
  3. Once.up.on.a.time
    No your amazing. This is a lovely poem and very well written xx
  4. Cwb20022
    I agree with the other two. Your writing is very good and is worth the praises.

    I enjoy your blog's. There very well written and speak alot of truth.
  5. BB1988
    Thank you! I appreciate that very much. Someone once told me that they think this poem could potentially make a good song. If only I could play guitar!
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