The story of two sick monkeys

By Veritass · Mar 22, 2014 ·
  1. Veritass
    I have a very sick pet monkey who I have taught to type and he will be writing all future blogs and posts in the first person without my consent, permission or condolences...

    Including the below, in fact this is me signing off and handing it off to him:

    I joined this site over a year ago... as I believe my profile states i stumbled across this site while researching PAWS. My monkey wife and I had been opiate addicts for years, but had kicked almost a year prior with a few minor relapses... but I get ahead of myself. If you will bear with me let me start in the very beginning.

    Well okay, not the absolute beginning, but when the monkeys met. For background we were both early twenties and had been sexually molested as children, after that the similarities in background were over. I had grown up on a hippie commune shitting in an outhouse, she routinely flew on private jets (while being bounced between family members that no longer wanted to or could handle taking care of her). We did both abuse alcohol but while I had never done anything more than weed she had experimented with everything that did not involve a needle (with varying results).

    In some ways this story plays out as a Greek tragedy, the monkeys fell for each other hard, just not in the same amount at the same time... ever. In addition drugs were always a part of the relationship, the occasional third wheel in the beginning and the constant affair that could not be forsaken by the end.

    In the beginning my wife believed I could fix her and I believed she could open my mind... (we were both wrong). However the one thing we had in common was an amazing ability to make people believe the reality we wanted them to, some people call this lying however the people we were best at deceiving were ourselves; and is it really a lie when you believe what you are saying?

    This story will be continued, however since in no longer shoot speedballs, I have to go to sleep...

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