The Sum is greazter than the parts

By nEone · Aug 2, 2008 · ·
  1. nEone
    12 lbs of sugar
    1/2 liter of OJ
    1/2 can frozen grape concentrate
    5G of water
    1 packet of lavlin EC 1118
    1 tsp Yeast Nutrient mix

    2 weeks

    Not something you'd want to drink.

    This is what they like to call a thin wash. It makes a really disgusting wine.

    But a perfect base for vodka.

    Ideally - you could just put sugar in water with yeast...that's the cheapest recipe - but it's not've gotta add shit...acid for PH, tannins for mouthfeel, fiber to trap dead yeast and provide a good base for the lees. And then, you've gotta figure out how many times you want to run the mofo. This one has zero flavor that you want to keep...unlike grains or fruits or even brown sugar. so you want to run it till it's close to combustion from the sheer friction of condensation.

    14% wash
    40% stripped
    80% second run
    95% third.

    then...then you water it back down with the best water you can fet your hands on...and you're left with a couple of litres of vodka that makes top shelf vodka taste like rail.

    Funny that. How we pull things from the primordial soup...only to dilute it back with our own intentions. How we take a mess of random things, find the heart of it, strip it bare...until it's raw and oily and dangerous...and then combine it with something pure...something clean...and the result is something beautiful.

    Oh shit, I stopped talking about vodka.

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  1. Metomni
    Very nice, SWIM was interested in brewing some beer a few months back, doing some wine or spirits would be fun too. SWIY may have just rekindled the urges. :p
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