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  1. Revolvingdoo
    A BRAIN-bending jungle drug is set to become a bigger menace than crystal meth on Britain's streets, it was feared last night.

    Border guards have intercepted a record £13million haul of DMT - a powerful hallucinogen used by Amazon tribes.

    Smokers of the crystals almost immediately suffer intense and often terrifying visions.

    Side-effects include paranoia and flashbacks weeks or months later.

    The Class-A drug has also been linked to schizophrenia.

    It is feared smugglers are now trying to flood the UK - as they have in recent years with deadly methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth.

    A senior police source said: "We've never seen quantities of DMT like this. This is clearly the latest drug trend. Dealers have seen big money to be made here."

    The UK Border Agency recently intercepted 126 kilos of DMT being smuggled into Britain in 15 parcels from Brazil and Peru. Five found at the postal depot at Coventry Airport were heading for London.

    Amazonian spiritual healers have traditionally used vines naturally containing DMT to make sacred brews, which they claim help users experience the afterlife.

    Millions of television viewers saw adventurer Bruce Parry's agonising DMT trip in the Amazon on the BBC's Tribe in 2008.

    He was violently sick and had nightmares.

    The drug extract is broken down into smokeable crystals by South American smugglers. Peter Stoker, of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said: "We must get a grip on this before it takes hold of our young. DMT is a nasty piece of work.

    "Its consumption under the gaze of seasoned tribal leaders in the Amazon is nothing like what a UK novice would experience."

    DMT, first seen here in the 1970s, costs up to £100 a gram - twice the value of cocaine because it is so rare. It has been linked to deaths across the world.

    In May, Danielle Jacobsen, 17, was found in a pond in Connecticut, US. A coroner cited DMT as a contributory factor to her death.

    A Border Agency spokesman said: "We are determined to protect society from an activity which can have such a destructive impact."


    and from a sidebar to the story:

    TV Bruce's Visions
    TV'S Bruce Parry described how he collapsed and fell sick after drinking a DMT potion in the Amazon.

    The former Royal Marine, 41, told BBC viewers: "The trip slowly builds.

    "Powerful visions of childhood and past misdemeanours return. It is a vivid, disturbing and profoundly humbling experience."


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    I saw this last night and had decided not to publish it as it is not worth the electrons used. Lots of sensationalist noise and I can not find any confirmation of the underlying "facts" I'm guessing the real story is a shipment of Banisteriopsis spp. or similar plant material was seized.

    I love how they twist their own quotes within the story:

    And this referenced story:

    In May, Danielle Jacobsen, 17, was found in a pond in Connecticut, US. A coroner cited DMT as a contributory factor to her death.[/QUOTE]

    I followed this story- and while factually correct as far as it goes it does not reflect the real story of what happened. It is rather clear that the medical examiner listed DMT as a contributory factor simply because she had ingested it and not because of any firm link to her drowning.
  2. Salizor
    The shipment came from South America so surely it was a dried plant like Mimosa tenuiflora or Psychotria viridis which is odd because I was under the impression those plants were legal in the UK. I can't imagine anyone trusting the postal service to successfully deliver kilos of freebase DMT crystals like the pic and article imply. Anyway the Sun is not a reputable news source. As far as I know it's the European version of what in the US are known as tabloids. Also owned by that scumbag Rupert Murdock if I'm not mistaken.
  3. r160k
    Correct, and correct again. Its also the biggest selling newspaper in the UK - and the number of people who will actually believe what they write is even more "terrifying" than they purport these DMT trips to be.
  4. fatal
    Fox owns the Sun... It all makes so much more sense to me now.
  5. Smeg
    The Sun and its cohorts have a lengthy and infamous history of misrepresenting the truth. The publication and others that mimic its style of sensationalist reporting seem to be the most popular source of information about recreational substances for many in these Islands. This in no way connected to the levels of intelligence of the population in general; merely the quality and availability of accurate information.
    The need for a scapegoat appears to be paramount here in times of economic downturn as a method of creating a distraction from social justice and truth. Hence the rabble rousing "article" above allegedly reporting on DMT.

    A BRAIN-bending jungle drug is set to become a bigger menace than crystal meth on Britain's streets, it was feared last night.

    What a load of shite! We'll read it all again and again though.. Ah well...
  6. Synchronium
    I have it on reasonably good authority that the shipment was 126kg of mimosa hostilis root bark.

    I know we can't talk prices, but surely we can all agree that's not worth 13 million quid.
  7. Salizor
    Is it even illegal in the UK?
  8. psychedelia
    The media is ruining DMT, like every other legit drug. Dammit. And whoa, wait, did they really just compare DMT to meth? Wtf.
  9. mickey_bee
  10. Alfa
    This is going to be a highly interesting court case, as Mimosa hostillis rootbark is perfectly legal in the UK. Only when they can prove it was intended for the production of the controlled substance DMT, then its another matter.
    From the past court cases on dried psilocybe mushrooms (before the ban) and the Dried Mescaline Cacti UK cases is completely clear that plants containing controlled substances are not illegal.
    With this basis a good lawyer would surely win a case against prosecution.
    The only viable approach the government could take against the import of mimosa hostillis is the medicines act. The MHRA has listed mimosa hostillis as a medicine.

    If more articles become available or if documents of this case become available, then please post them here.
  11. Alchemical
    They could argue that powdered bark is a preparation of a Class A drug.
  12. Alfa
    They will miserably fail like other prosecutors before them, as thats abuse of law. If plants were illegal then they would be specifically listed as controlled substances like other plants are. It is not without reason that psilocybe mushrooms needed to be specifically banned, while psilocin and psilocybin was already banned.
  13. Synchronium
    FYI, the mescaline case doesn't establish a binding precedent as there was no high court judge present.

    This case will have to go through all the same shit as the mescaline case to prove that:

    1) It hasn't been "altered by the hand of man", and
    2) It's not sold "in a state in which it can be used"

    It should all blow over eventually, but a lengthy and costly legal skirmish lies ahead.
  14. Synchronium
    (Here's the original statement from the Home Office, dated 7th Oct: )

    Packages of a powerful hallucinogenic drug have been intercepted in Coventry by UK Border Agency officers based at the city's postal hub.

    Fifteen separate packages of DMT totalling over 125 kilos have been seized in the past few months.

    The parcels were sent from countries in South America and were destined for addresses across the UK. Local police forces are investigating.

    Powerful halluncinogen [sic?]

    Also known as Dimethyltryptamine, DMT is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Its effects can be rapid and intense with users reporting unpleasant emotional effects lasting for days afterwards.

    Home Office minister James Brokenshire said: 'DMT is very dangerous which is why it is banned as a Class A drug.

    'As I saw in Latin America recently, I know that our drive to tackle drugs doesn’t stop at the border. Police and border staff are working day in day out to stop illegal drugs like DMT coming to Britain’s streets.'

    Border officers monitor post

    UK Border Agency officers based at the UK’s postal hubs use a combination of hi-tech scanning equipment and intelligence to spot drugs, weapons and other contraband.

    Chris Bagley, in charge of UK Border Agency operations at Coventry International Postal Hub, added: 'We will continue to prevent drugs being smuggled into the UK and will pass on intelligence to the police and other enforcement agencies to ensure that the smugglers are put behind bars.'
  15. seven7seven
    OK, so the visions might be terrifying but are almost always (at least for SWIM) very enjoyable even when something like alien abduction occurs, which sounds scary but really isn't.

    SWIM has NEVER had any effects from DMT that lasted more than an hour (and thats a stretch).

    The link to schizophrenia has never been proven, it was a long ago assumption which SWIM doesn't really buy as the nature of DMT's effects are very different from someone who has schizophrenia.

    This article is a typical drug scare article which SWIM has much disdain for.

    Maybe SWIWe need to be afraid of our lungs (since DMT is thought to be made in the lung tissues, among other places in the body) and have them removed for the sake of living "drug free."

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