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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    with drug offenses being the reason for a majority of prisoners in our over crowed and over priced penal system , and with an economy that is weak, the cost of deaming drugs unlawful is way more than we can afford.

    First of all the merchants who own small business are being punished , we know that if a person is a participant in usage of illegals, they will buy the substance before spending the money on a product sold at the store.

    and secondly the extra money needed from us to support the governments dea and other LE agents is over the top, not only that but the prison guards have the second biggest union in the country (usa) , which is a heavy ticket item, then the buiilding and housing of these victims.

    Building prisons and feeding these citizens isnt the real cost, no the real money is spent on the prisoners that are locked up so long and often that when they are released from bondage they have the worst time find jobs.
    and may never really maintain a level of support to themselves and family. causing a need for continued government assistance.

    Government assistance , that is an oxy-moron


  1. Lightbulb-breaking
    With the rotating door policy of the North American justice system people being charged with drug offences are back in prison before the year is out. Especially since, due to the dubious efforts of the inmates and prison gangs, it's possible to support a drug habit in prison. The average cost of maintaining a single inmate is $58.50 a day and with about 100,000 people in federal prisons on drug charges and 253,300 in state prison on drug charges. One of every six of these 100,000 federal inmates are jailed for charges involving only marijuana. Which, of course, grows naturally from our good planet. That's alot of money which, could be used to stimulate the spiraling economy.
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