The weak US dollar is hurting foreign exporters, that includes drug traffickers

By lulz · Mar 12, 2008 · ·
  1. lulz

    The article kind of rambles on for a while longer, seems like the writer smoked a joint halfway through. One observation it makes though is that this will probably kill of some of the large-scale operators that have dominated the market, and make room for small growers to come in.

    Have people in the US noticed the price of drugs increasing? Or have people in Canada seen the price of weed fall yet? Please don't say any actual prices (against the rules), but saying "10% increase" or something should be OK.

    I'd imagine that drugs like meth or ecstasy haven't seen much price change since they can be produced domestically, but coke and heroin probably have become more expensive since they have to be imported.

    The dollar is most likely going to keep on falling, so the consequences haven't played out yet. It'll be interesting to see the results...

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  1. Stiney
    On the plus side (depending on your location) a weakening US dollar could in theory lead to a greater fall in the price of drugs such as cocaine in Europe, as the margin for profit in selling to the USA falls, its feasible that South American cartels would consider ear marking a larger proportion of thier product for the EU market, and as supply goes up price should fall.
  2. old hippie 56
    It is showing up as increased seizures in Africa, which is popular with smugglers these days.
  3. truth
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  4. AntiAimer
    Drugs have gone down(or have stayed the same, just depends on who you know), while everything else(commercially) has gone waaaaaayyyyy up. It's really really scary and Smurf sees a future filled with even more homeless people and more people who are on the verge of bankruptcy. Eveything has gone up but, how much people get paid.
  5. Alfa
    I just heard the joke that this coin is called the new 3 dollar coin:
    View attachment 4408

    It might sound as insulting the dollar or US, but actually a too valuable Euro is bad for business and a low dollar will result in a lot of business for the US.
  6. RunRedFox
    Is Europe going to start outsourcing to the US lol
  7. lulz
    BMW is planning to shift some production from Germany to the US
  8. truth
    what about the North American Union and the Emero?
  9. Stiney
    My god, US manufactured beemers? I think I might have to kill myself. Whats next Champaign made in China.
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