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The White Book part 2

By chemlove · Jan 20, 2008 ·
  1. chemlove
    I have been reading the White Book (history of the Beatles 1967 to 1969). This is known as their most psychedelic times. The book really started kinda slow, but its slowly but surely taken off. The perspective of the writer is great. Ken Mansfield helped Paul and all the Beatles run Apple records and he was hand selected my McCartney from a large group of Capitol Records. So far the book has discussed and talked about Paul and Ken's trips from California to England and some of the decisions they made together. It shared some intimate moments of Ken and Paul working together on songs and Showed how much Paul and Linda McCartney were impossible to seperate (deep love must be great).

    So far the book has been really good, and it even goes into some of myths about how John and Paul wrote music and how bounced ideas off one another, but i don't wanna give the good stuff away

    Ill keep you posted when i get a long bit further.

    (Highly Recomended):thumbsup:


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