The willow orchard-part 2 of 7

By Samadhi · Apr 25, 2008 ·
  1. Samadhi
    The Saint
    A man appeared beside Nlevario. His face deformed…scarred by hatred and molded by words. He speaks.
    "The answer lies in truth…Faith is the blindfold but, safely the wolf leads the lambs to the slaughter by notion of the taxidermist…The taxidermist…Blinded by birth but sutures the best for he knows the beauty of human skin from which the creators have molded. Where is the exit you keep asking? You have passed it a thousand times but can you not see it? Are you blinded by inhibition while the exit signs point to yes? You have denied your creator in a sense. You have given up the chastity they bestowed upon you? The spite arrogance you reek of does not hide the weakness I see behind your false eyes. You see life through glass window panes. You vision is blinded by lies and purged to decay. A soul is an illusion or a tool. It lies not in your being but in your mind. Your creators made you with a sense of right and wrong. Use this to sense the death ahead. No debt will go un-repaid Nlevario…"
    The creature rose and drifted into the meek distance. Nlevario stood gaping and barred. His mind ran dry…thoughts became meaningless. He owed nothing. His speech raced.
    "Can they not see? They chose me to be a lamb but raised a wolf. The mothered sense of omnipresence would not allow this…The means will never justify the ends if it is unsuitable for their ears I cannot accept this."
    The words echoed in front of his eyes augmenting his vision. They dissected in front of him eventually loosing all meaning. He realized he had not slept in days. Nlevario crept into the floor.
    Through the path way of eyes the ticking hands of the hourglass started to embrace reality. The clicking interpreted through sleep gave way to the dissonance expressed through time. The liquid surrounded his skin. He floated through the green space of the mental incubator passing the gangrenous fingers that cover its glass.

    "the noise," he thought "it breaths the silent exchange of broken sentences…the ticking of clocks…the cry of the innocent eyes echoes the loudest…"
    The Wasteland Lain Amuck
    The desert some may call it. This land built the sight of a trite pinnacle of delirium for the exiled. A convent of the damned placed in yet another filing cabinet shaped catacomb. A land opened only to those who seek it but closed to those who want it. The vegetation seemed primordial to Nlevario. The obtuse cacti sat of an octopi like origin. The octapede hissed when he came to close. He returned to see the horizon down the plateau. The three suns echoed brightly with the sight of human skin. A city lay stretched in the distance. The horizon seemed flat and shapeless. No end appeared in sight. He stood and began to walk to his eyes target. His body felt numb…cold…He gazed in the suns direction. The day had become night. The city lit up the horizon. Nlevario began is rhythmic strides towards the city like the moth to a flame.
    "The moon echos waned tonight…"
    The Desert
    Nlevario began the walk…the septic science of the quicksand feet he carried along had became a burden. The sand of the planet…the hourglass left untouched by the creators hand…The grains slip falling a temptation of sight along the claw snatching angles of the fallen lord of light… The start of the end is the tracks he follows in the desert… The trails of molded lacquer swept openly in the sand. The day began to come to night. As the sun shone on the horizon Nlevario saw the planet was not so meak… The sunlight revealed a circle of pyramids along in the distance surrounding him. ​
    The night takes hold… The sound of snitching lies filled his ears…a scattering of monocle feet walk behind him… Nlevario turned to face what followed him… ​
    The arachnids roam… The spider tie creatures inhabit this land. The patter of the broken faucet legs echoes in the still air of the faceless world. The arachnid approached Nlevario with no hesitation…The eight eyes stared upon his figure smelling the fear Nlevario leaked in a waterfall bristles of night…The spider backs away from Nlevario. He is accepted by the deepest of primal fears. The spider stretches to the sky blocking the moon and came down upon the flesh of his neck. Nlevario screamed…but there is nobody to hear his crys… as his body floated amongst the sand he saw the vision of his mind. The pyramid of the eye…The severed sensory bleeding a clot on the stacking bricks of stone on top of the point made of the broken diamond. The vision tore in his mind like the ligaments of diseased riddles in the banks of memory. He as slipped the times…​
    A Comatose Of The Swinging Doors (The City)
    The glows of the stretched cobweb aura illuminate the slit veined patchwork patterns in the metropolis. The streets now run red in the dusk sunlight. Nlevario stood tasting despair while the boarded windows of subliminal ecstasy stay in the contrast of green lights. ​
    "there is a stench tonight," Nlevario spoke in the air "My eyes do not deceive me…something is wrong…I see no demons, yet I see no angels. No preacher to the silent choir." Nlevario saw what he longed for most…life…a shell shadowed in the halos of the sky groping street lights. Nlevario cautiously made his way to the shell. His motions had become convulsive and staggered amongst the atmosphere of dead tongue slits of wilted knives. As he approached the shell and realized he is no man…more a black and white shadow barley lingering in tact. ​
    Hesitant Nlevario asked "what are you?" ​
    The shadow turned around and spoke light hearted in mass. "What am I you ask…I am the face in the crowd…I am the noose swinging in the tango floors of the white walled room. I sir am a shadow. Not a ghost…no indeed not a ghost must first live to die among the river of life to be a ghost…I spent my life living in security of demand… Living illusive and petrified by the sighs of failure that ran rampant down my neck…I am alike the others who swim this city…we mourn alone…we are awake."​
    Nlevario stood stating "Why is the sun stet a nuclear highlight amongst the heavens the creator lay? What is the smell that captivates this city?"​
    That stench is our grief…The sparkle sleeping behind our false eyes…The innocence of a child is enough to save us all… He took them." The shadow pointed to a billboard suspended among the twisted giraffe neck of our own consumption. Amongst the fading lights of the white walled rooms where the shadows sleep in the hanging nooses stared a singular eye… The bloodshot culprit stares over this city in an undeniable omnipresence… Nlevario saw why the shadows drift the streets…why they mourn… 'Something is horribly wrong here' Nlevario thought. 'I see the city but it lingers with the mocking drift in the tears of the fallen…what happened here?' He felt the she shadow caress his skin. He had felt his face with the dead skin stretched in a grotesque shape…​
    "He would love you…your flesh that is…The heat you spill." The shadow stated. ​
    Nlevario backed away demanding the answer forming the question "Who is he?" ​
    The shadow spat an answer at him "The taxidermist…the eye that hangs above the city has chosen you…you must go to him…" ​
    Nlevario stood confused as the shadow opened his mouth from the gills on his neck…The shadow had taken another form…Still a dark riddle of a human-esque being…but a monster to the sense of eyes…His face was now mangled and tortured. His eyes shadowed and mouth gaped in a wire mesh of teeth…He wept a single tear and said "I am sorry Nlevario…please save us…goodbye…" His vision became momentarily blank​

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