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The wonderful thing about cannabinoids is that cannabinoids are wonderful things

  1. Johan73
    Swim is thinking over his enjoyment of cannabinoid smoking blends and incenses. Swim has been enjoying them for about a month now and has gone maybe 4 days during that time without them. He finds they much mimic the results he so much enjoyed from marijuana.

    Swim is wondering to himself if enjoying these blends nearly every day is wise in the long term. So far it hasn't really impacted his work at all; he enjoys the blends in the evening and still gets to work the next day. In fact sometimes he finds himself more focused at work the next day, rather than feeling that the mind is too busy and running from one thing to the next.

    Swim finds it makes regular enjoyable things such as food, sex, watching tv, using the internet, so much more intense and enjoyable, much like the genuine article.

    Swim reallllyy enjoys the blends. Each time he kind of mixes up a few different blends; Spice Diamond, Magic Silver, Spice Gold, Yucatan Fire, Dream, icey xxx, Magic Dragon, Spike 99 Ultra, and so on, and mixing it with tobacco. Swim also is finding some potentiators and experimenting with those.


  1. ForcedZen
    My pet Kangaroo says that partaking of something mind-altering everyday is never a wise idea. She says that the brain needs sober time. Time to be regular and to evaluate the experience of said mind-altering substances. But, then again, what do kangaroos know? :)
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