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  1. Terrapinzflyer

    IT might be named a Renault Espace.

    But a drug trafficker clearly took the meaning one step too far when he crammed his boot with 700lbs of the drug khat.

    Traffic police pulled the driver over after his hatchback was spotted going too slow on a motorway and discovered the huge drugs hoard.

    The car was weighed down by sacks of the drug, which releases a powerful cocaine-like stimulant when chewed.

    Now police in Osten, Germany, are quizzing a 46-year-old Dutchman over the haul and trafficking charges.

    "He wouldn't have been stopped except he was going so slowly and being so careful how he drove that he immediately aroused suspicion," one officer told the Austrian Times.

    Thursday 18th March 2010


  1. r2kam
    You can't drive too carefully, you can't drive too recklessly. Tis a fine line. I do wonder what goes through the mind of those smuggling drugs though, must be a difficult situation to get yourself into.
  2. BigWillyStyle
    at least the khat wasn't out of the bag....or was it?
  3. coolhandluke
    lol good one,
  4. coolhandluke
    thats very true, cops look for people driving exactly the speed limit or a little under, when considering if its a dwi suspect anyway.
  5. fatal
    its done all the time with pot and mushrooms. swim has seen it. not knowing how subtle this guy actually was i doubt he is the least subtle in the world.

  6. Estereal
    700 lbs? SWIM wonders how much of the actual active ingredient, cathinone, he was transporting? Probably only 1% - 5% of the weight of those plants! Such a small amount that it surely wouldn't bother his driving.
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