The worst side effect of using??? Theres so many it seems

By Fidget247 · Aug 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Fidget247
    I'll say..... dental bills!
    Nice signature block quoting Johnny Depp.. WFTF - about sums it up

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  1. vicelord
    bad grammar?:thumbsdown:
    There are so many
  2. vicelord
    sorry... at first it seemed a pretty stupid question to me anyway. For one thing there people are different.
    Lying and cheating I think would be my answer.
    But its easy to deal with...just tell yourself you're a pussy and just get on with it.... I stand by my stance against addiction, it's fucking easy. I'm an addict. I'm a professional. I'm also an artist. I'm extremely high functioning and I know when to say no.
    You may say, you're very lucky.
    I'm just about getting past my 27th year and it's only just in the last 2 that its started becoming easier. But the whole time, I never really quit anything. Right now I have a needle full of various RCs ready to go. Tomorrow's bank holiday Monday. I'll be in the classroom on Tuesday morning, bright and early, don't you worry! (Having hit several bongs with my wake-up coffee!) 1 year in current job. 14 years of codependent addiction before that. Like I said I'm STILL an addict. But I can sit and be miserable and maybe a bit shakey if I can't even have a spliff or a beer, but then again last week I didn't smoke week for 5 days! (I drank some beers, sure) an dI've done it the other way around several times for weeks/months/whatever'sneeded. Cure for addiction: build a future! Even if you just make a plan for the season, like grow a cannabis plant or a beard.... or if you make a plan for tomorrow, like go climb a tree. It's fucking easy. You just take the shit stuff that inevitably sometimes happens and balance it with the fucking incredible and if you can't hack it you get the fuck out and go live with the Antarcticans. That's exciting for some people! And it's a plan that means if your shooting up today you won't wanna do it tomorrow in case you fuck up your plan, you wanna climb that tree! .... fuck the 12 steps. Fuck other people telling you what to do. (HYPOCRACY WARNING)
    Cut down! Sort your shit out! Then you can do what the hell you like as long as it doesn't affect other peoples lives.:thumbsup:
  3. vicelord
    I guess what I should've said more concisely, is if you have too many bad side effects, don't use.
  4. vicelord
    If you have any questions about family love sex school work accomodation I've completed the game. The drug game that is. On the hardest setting. On PC and Console. Done and done. It's like San Andreas. You can just keep playing. But it's fine. It's completed. So I'm happy to answer any sepcific questions or give advice if you want to PM me. Like I said I'm a professional now (presently with a bong round my lips:s). I wanna help people be like me. A happy explorer of all life's clichés.

    "wow, so po-mo, man!"
  5. vicelord
    it's actually this type of neo-exploration (mind-exploring via plant/drug/exercise) that is the only fight against the post-modern apocalypse!

  6. vicelord
  7. vicelord
    another answer I just thought of for your question, particularly with disociatives and benzos is:

    but again not always a bad thing if you want a few weeks to go by quickly, and also manageable by writing notes etc.

    I would like to reassure everyone that in my experience the memories are all still there. Sometimes they're just harder to find and you fuck up your filing system a bit.

  8. vicelord
    I had better get some NHS mirtazapine down me and get some kip for I have to plan and teach 4 and a half hours of lessons now a day earlier than expected!
  9. vicelord
    oh shit, time perception again......with this forum I can physically show you the timelapse of MXP:
    I chose to take the mirtazapine at ^ 02:36, I am now just taking it at >
  10. vicelord
    do you fancy retracting the bad rep you gave me for that joke? I didn't mean offense and I did answer your question (actually a couple times), and I'm the only person who has so far!:thumbsup:
  11. vicelord
    If you're just talking about meth....then yeah it would be the damage to your body. (mouth/veins) Everything else is fixable. (relationships / moodswings / motivation etc.)
  12. vicelord
    I made it to school BTW and gave 5 hours of awesome unplanned English lessons to language students. (no sleep beforehand though, was a little tough, but only really the final 10 mins)
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