There are honestly worse things than dying

By Buzybee · Nov 30, 2012 ·
  1. Buzybee
    Well try no 2 just lost first draft into blooper land and to all readers my sincere apology about the merged older blog at the top Bee mighty bad at this procedure indeed.

    Back from yet another oncologist and his good news is ..... Yes there is no good news from that one ever. Scans after the last torturous radium to sever nerves to maybe make meds work have revealed its now trucked into liver, adrenal, stomach, gall bladder and kidney. Well at as my sister was a heavy drinker amongst other ... I've tried to make light for her to laugh at this by saying at least no one can say you drunk yourself to .......! Sorry black humor indeed.

    Shit, it's well just shitty. On a brighter note some unknown generous soul has left a cake tin for her relief and combined with morphine, oxy this and that it actually seems to really help. Firstly you have to numb her with a localizing concoction to numb mouth and throught as its burnt like crazy from the radium. I've left a note for the unknown much loved by us one asking for recipie for you guys as this is one thing that really helps the situation In More than one way.

    Sis is now on mega doses of steroids to help her breathe and you guessed it gets a little tetchy at times (more like pretty .... Scary angry etc!) and so any calming properties of cake are also really appreciated by us copping it! Yesterday she lined us up because she believed one of the kids had helped themselves to cake (as if we try to eke it out!) and luckily all meds we write time and amount given to keep track and not get into any trouble. I was ready to say yes it was me even when she know I wouldn't and I hate choc and ginger together as flavoring. Luckily no execution was ness as sheet revealed the patient herself had administered it to herself! Guys its like a Montypy movies at times you know that song look on the bright side of life!

    There are times in this insanity that only you DF can make me smile luckily iPad allows this reading of posts at quite times although YKYAT and YKYAS remain favorite laughter enablers hey I believe that is an actual legal high well sort of! I found the songs at my funeral posts the other night and Montypy laughter again after some bad moments we were all laughing at Ding Dong I won't say the rest it sounds like bad when connected with all this but anything that makes laughter happen is good and have to say you guys rock big time!

    YES guys if you can donate DF is the one and only and Bee is not just saying do she says she does indeed donate so come join hey anything it all helps.

    Thought about using my Kava bought back from Vanuatu last hol to make her some kind of concoction to help numb but a little hesitant to make anything worse. Yes if you're wondering g tourists returning to aus are allowed to bring a little back consult your returning passenger card for the details of amounts allowed by customs. Hey I'm being responsible I guess at my age ts about time as sis reminds me! Does anyone out there in DFlland have any ideas or recommendations on how to maybe safely do this for her?

    Well that's about unloaded all the craziness from me thank you forum for facilitating this for all members and one last thing if that Scottish member should ever stumble upon this ravings of bee please do not use tobacco as a screen in your bottle its great to do have fun, experiment and push your boundaries but in all honesty I don't wish this living horror to ever come to visit you or anyone else please look after yourselves everyone go for broke and do life to the max wearing out it is a fitting use of your body just don't rot out in agony like this!
    Buzz from Bee.

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