There are honestly worse things than dying.

By Buzybee · Jan 22, 2013 ·
  1. Buzybee
    Back new year, no improvements just the, incredibly just like all those bloody Aufull infomercials but wait there's more, Sorry for not communicating these past weeks but it seemed to be a good thing to Bee to say nothing to bring anyone else down.

    Now it's becoming even more entangled in my sisters being even down deep inside her bones. How much more we dare not ask the cheerfull young oncologist who keeps reminding us how good a fight sis has given this shitty disease. At the risk of sounding horrid Bee sometimes wishes for sis's sake that she wasn't quite so good a fighter.

    Days turn into weeks in the palliative care unit of which we have become frequent visitors, the lucky ones get to leave frequently, staff seem to do the biz as usual but I don't believe it's as easy as they say. Also pain relief is dependant upon the different personalities and working methods of frequently changing methods of these people. But have to add its better than the alternative - there's none sadly.

    So there you have it, reading back Bee feels she comes across very cynical and horrid but everyone copes in some weird ways please believe me when I say I have tried to make a difference for sis and failed so many times but the next day well we start again. Hopefully the year is progressing more positively for all of you out there Bee sends this hope out for that for all keep on trying that's what we'll do and hopefully this situation will resolve or evolve for my dear sis soon Buzzzz from Bee.

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