There are honestly worst things than dying.

By Buzybee · Dec 4, 2012 · ·
  1. Buzybee
    Another day another heat wave here, it's 11.45pm and the thought of going outside into the sticky oven is like NO, no just can't, won't theres not a hint of a breeze but life goes on and so we will. My mother has updated the ac situation in my sis's bedroom, thank goodness no thank youmum! It's been another week of more blood transfusions, vomiting and as usual pain ..........

    Life for us all is now gauged in little victories like she ate half an icey pole (ice block) and defeats vomited up same 20 mins later. Pain meds and more meds but then she has a little window of normality and sparks up and requests a drive anywhere so long as we're driving. Yes like the song I'm a road to nowhere and not complaining.

    Some days we talk, real deep and others its just flippant and almost like nothing's really wrong. Is this acceptance or just resignation to ones fate I'm not sure. It calmer day by day so I'm really thinking its the process of this shitty situation. Doctor keeps saying there's nothing they can really do to improve this and we all nod and smile and say thank you but on the inside its a much darker reality.

    Well I hope it's cooler for you all wherever you may be, stay safe and be tolerant of each other!
    Buzz from bee.

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  1. ZenobiaSky
    Oh busy.. my heart goes out to you, as I just finished your blog from the start, and now I sit here in tears. I know this fight, I know this pain, and I know this feeling of helplessness. I watched my aunt suffer for 4 years battling lung cancer. She was such a fighter, an athlete, and she tried everything. It was one of the hardest times of my life. And the last time I had seen her we talked about a lot of things, and she wasn't ready to die, she hadn't planned her funeral yet. She was like that, but we had a huge party, the kind she would love to go to. It's been 6 years, and I still haven't gotten over it. I wish peace and serenity for your sister, she deserves it, and she is very blessed to have you there to help you. Remember your not alone.. and the blog helps. PM me if you need to talk. Big Hugzz :vibes:
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