These voices in my head. (Id, ego, and super-ego)

By purplehaze · Aug 2, 2008 · ·
  1. purplehaze
    I am everyone.
    Yet I am no-one.
    I have listened to everyone you have met yet i have never spoken to anyone.
    I can be your conscience.
    I can be your morals.
    I can be your voice of reason.
    I can nag you on towards doing the wrong thing.
    You speak to me alot.
    Yet You have never met me.
    No-one has met me.
    I am you.
    You are me.
    We run our lives parallel.
    I live inside you.

    If you meet someone, i meet them too. But they don't meet me, we may have the same thing to say to someone, but i have never spoken to anyone directly.

    You obsess over things because of me.
    I obsess over things because of you.

    I am the voice in your head.
    Your ego.
    You and I, are essentially the same.
    Yet I may have a different opinion than the action you take towards a scenario.
    Why won't I ever get to live outside of your head.
    Why am I trapped to a destiny of thought.
    Why do you speak to me more than anyone else and yet I am considered to not exist.
    Why at night do you try to shut me up.
    Why can't I say what i want too without you arguing with me to be quiet.
    I tell it how it is, your mouth sugar coats things.
    I think things through like a chess game 12 steps ahead of the next move, yet you never thank me when I'm right.
    Is it because i hurt you, is it because me and you live the same life and when you get hurt i try to talk to you about your pain that no-one else feels or knows about?
    I know everything, you can't hide from me.
    You can't escape me, I can't escape you.
    We will be together till the end.

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  1. savingJenniB
    Goody Goody Goody!
    What are you?

    Let me guess . . .
    a sponge?

    a night light?

    a figment of your own imagination??

    . . . Geeze . . .

    am I getting closer???
  2. purplehaze
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