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Thief Steals $300 Worth of Fake Weed (Spice Gold) From Flagstaff Head Shop

  1. chillinwill
    Did you hear the one about the guy who broke into a head shop and stole $300 worth of fake weed? Probably not because it's not a joke -- some idiot actually did it on Monday night in Flagstaff.

    In the police blotter of yesterday's Arizona Daily Sun, there is a report of a burglary at the Kind Connection Tattoo and Smoke Shop, where the burglar only stole two things: An incense vaporizer and $300 worth of fake marijuana.

    According to the report, the burglar bashed in the store's front window -- setting of the store's alarm system -- went in, um, looted the store, and left.

    When store employees responded to the alarm they found that the only things missing were the vaporizer and a stash of Spice Gold, a legal herb that often substitutes as fake weed.

    Since those of us at New Times are (ahem) unfamiliar with the effects of marijuana or its substitutes, we called Kind Connection to find out if this stuff can get someone even a little bit high. Unfortunately, nobody answered. We understand, though. It's a head shop so it was probably, um, wishful thinking to assume that someone would be at work at 2 p.m. on a Thursday.

    So, we turned to the Internet to get the skinny on the this bunk weed and found several testimonials as to its effectiveness.

    "I've been smoking this stuff as a substitute for weed for the last week or so and its not to bad, it definitaly [sic] gets you high, not as good as the real deal though but its still very enjoyable for a legal herb," SmokeOwt posted on the "420 friendly" internet forum, Stoner Forums.

    "Junior Stoner" Jeremy_VA agrees.

    "So i was surfing around the web looking at legalbuds when I found a forum than mentioned this Spice Gold was way better and actually worked as an alternative to smoke if you have DT's or are dry," he writes.

    If you're getting "DT's" from not smoking weed, not having weed should not be your biggest concern.

    The report says that an investigation is underway and that employees were able to give police possible suspect information. Hopefully that information is more thorough than "skeevy stoner," otherwise we have a feeling that a large percentage of the student population at Northern Arizona University might have some explaining to do.

    James King
    January 21, 2010
    Phoenix New Times


  1. EyesOfTheWorld
    Illegal, yes. Risky, yes. Stupid, maybe not, as he may be deciding to waith until the laws on Spice Gold change making selling it completely illegal and thus jacking up the profit margins for anyine willing to try
  2. anonuser30500
    In Swims pond, no shop actually has a front window after closing as all are shuttered.

    Even that does not stop break ins.

    It did help putting concrete posts in front of shop stores as it stops cars bashing in shutters.

    But then the robbers tie a chain to the shutter.

    Next will be chain proof shutters until someone welds a 25 foot metal battering ram onto a van.
  3. SullyGuy
    Man, I thought everyone had hopped on the Spice train and derailed it a long time ago... I guess it's refreshing to see hack journalism that isn't about meph..

    I would like very much to watch someone do that. :laugh:
  4. akack2
    I notice with distaste the disdain with which the author of the article treats Spice.Its invaluable to many,for many reasons.
    Staying out of jail and passing a drugs test being two that spring to mind.
    Troops in Iraq wether they should be there or not are under extreme duress and possibly Spice or similar products helps them to unwind and pass their test.
    Marijuana users snobbery sucks balls tbh.
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