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Thing's I've been doing and plan to do in the future, not necessarily in that order

  1. Potter
    I'm applying to Cornell's Agriculture school! My teacher said that transfers always get in. I am thinking I'd like to get into propagation and greenhouses, maybe do my Masters in sustainable design and urban farming. Of course they also offer a viticulture and oenology program and I always wanted to be a bootlegger. Going to visit there in early November and submit my application.

    Right now I'm doing an associates in horticulture, will be done in the spring and will defiantly need a more in depth education for what I'd like to do.

    I was talking about Griffeth's Sculpture Park (a stunning art park not far from me) and was inspired to build a mushroom park! Use inoculated logs to build structures, lay out wood-chip spawn in patterns, maybe inoculating carved object to create a sort of topiary. Over the course of a season or two there would be a constantly changing display of fungi. I think it's a feasible idea and one I could get funding for.

    Oh yeah, I also seemed to have created a pretty damn successful fire performance troop that's been getting a few gigs a month since July.


  1. TheDevil
    Fire performance group?

    Is that like fire poi and club performances and the like?
  2. Potter
    yeah, I started using fans, though they have fallen out of favor lately as I have worked more with staff and rope dart. I do eating and fleshing, but am trying to cut back due to concerns about toxin buildup. This winter I'll be working on doing all this with stilts.
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