Things You Have to Deal with Being a Professional Performer: Permits

By Potter · Sep 14, 2012 · ·
  1. Potter
    There is one hell of an uncanny-valley android in the city hall permit office. They had me fooled into thinking she was a real person of flesh, blood, and spirit, until I realized she only had 100 or so phrases programmed and she started to malfunction when questioned.

    Having failed the turning test, I considered administering the Voight-Kampff, but with so many others in the office, I was afraid my new recruit would not be ready to handle them all, in event the the group attempted to prevent us from retiring the suspect. It was sad, they had no idea she wasn't human, treated her as one of their own.

    Or, Satan forbid, they were all machines..

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  1. Potter
    Tomorrow I'll do the scene where our hero has sexy times by his cruel, precocious, under-aged, niece while she remains blase and somewhat bored by the whole thing.
  2. Potter
    And so I says to Gillian, I says, "I know Rebecca wasn't Deckard's niece, but Deckard wasn't at City Hall today and I'm not getting with an android made by Tyrel Corp tomorrow..."
  3. Potter
    You all have a good night, I'll be here all week...
  4. helikophis
    ... weirdo. thanks for doing all that :vibes: (except the niece thing...)
  5. This Bear Eats Fascists

    What kind of performer are you, Potter?

    I ask because street performance is an art I appreciate and find super interesting. I recently watched Amanda Palmer giving a TED talk (youtube). The whole talk is fantastic but she shares some really cool, fascinating human experiences as a professional street performer. Check it out!
  6. SpatialReason
    City workers... are not androids... they are drones... organic sentience that move to the pheromone of the city worker unions.
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