Thinking back

By Mr Bumble · Dec 5, 2013 · ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    Writen while listening to the instrumental version of "93 Til Infinity" by "Souls of Mischief"

    Listening to a drum track, trying to get my life back
    Thinking bout the old crack when I used to hold stack
    Thinking about all the roads I’ve took
    All the choices I’ve made
    All the cards I’ve played
    Times I got laid
    Money made money spent
    Trying pay rent when ya life’s bent
    It’s a self made hell that you live in
    But got keep on runnin
    Their gonna catch you soon cos your clock is ticking

    Thinkin bout my school days
    Gone by in smoke haze
    Shoulda read that school book
    But I never did look
    Never did a whole term
    Or I might have learnt some
    Fuck it
    blaze another one

    So many choices so much indecision
    But I got big visions
    With hindsight comes wisdom
    Shoulda done this shoulda done that
    Shoulda held my shit tight instead of smoke crack
    I should stepped up and thrown the smack down
    Or should have backed down instead of let my fists pound
    Yeah it’s on now


    Where’s my mind now

    Oh yeah

    Here we go

    Thinking about all my ex’s
    All the sex with
    All their vexes
    Oh did a mention
    I’m a sucker for a pretty face
    Don’t care about the size of your waste
    Let’s go back to my place
    For some thug love
    Then I’ll give you a taste from my own stash
    And we’ll get mashed
    And we’ll soon crash

    And In morning I’m gone
    I make a dash
    I’ve more mistakes to make
    If I’d done this If I’d done that
    It would have been great
    But it’s too late
    I made my own bed
    Gotta lie in it
    Even if I cry in it
    Even if I die in it

    But hey fuck it
    There’s no point being stuck in the past

    Look to the future
    It might seem far
    But time for plans and working hard
    I’m a mother fucker on a mission
    Got my vision
    Playing it straight now
    Trying to live right now
    Life’s a fucking struggle but I’m winning the fight now
    Step in my way I’ll still strike your fucking lights out
    I don’t want to have to
    But nothing gonna stop me from breaking through

    Peace out

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  1. Morphina Blue

    I'm inspired.
  2. Meekajayne
    Great post. Sums up how a lot of us feel.
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