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  1. tripolar
    Surely that should read - This is not a blog
    or to be more with the spirit of surrealism - Ceci n’est pas une blog


    PS I know this is for the FAQ btw. Good work.
  2. Potter
    This is not a blog comment.
  3. lease25
    this is a glob comment
  4. Synchronium
  5. NeuroChi
    What does joe have to do with...

  6. beena
    Is this an example of a post-modern blog??!
  7. bananaskin
    This is a confused random walking about the place comment to a none-none blog :thumbsup:
  8. Nnizzle
    Lol this post has gotten more action than most other real blogs I have seen here... I wonder who spends too much time on DF...... :)
  9. Sniffin Sunshine
    i think this may actually be a lesson in psychology.
    the title, "this is a blog" was so simple, that it made people curious when they saw it, and so they therefor decided to see what it said, and when they found out it said nothing, they said fuck it i will leave a comment anyway.
    well.. at least thats kind of what i did.. lol
    so i guess to answer your question, i spend too much time on df
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