This is an edit of two poems I mixed into one as they were so similar

By Mr Bumble · Apr 18, 2016 ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    Whether your shotties 12 bore or 4 10, it ain't a question of Boyz to men it's about productivity, community, education, breaking the cycle of revolving prison doors, resolving rather then settling scores.
    Kids seep into open pores, cracks and broke paving stone, grown mans cry as families evicted, an evolution of a story predicted in 1984,

    sit and sip your latte and try to ignore the ever growing hunger of a refugee population, growing anger on the streets, divided people's seeking extremes of hate can't see the real causes of the issues locked in ivory towers holding all the power.

    Apathetic populations, ignore the desperate situations. To engrossed with feeds tweets and blogs, throwing bucks a stars that pay no taxes. Outrage posted and shared yet real action is rare. Our nation is being sold off to the highest bidder. time*to dig at roots, phychopaths in suits, they shoot to kill but sometimes a simple smile and a greeting holds more power than the cordite in the bullets . But it lands on deaf ears because it's easier not to care. So drink your skinny latte and pretend everything's ok,

    The sound of a child's cry is hard to ignore but the image is easily switched to infomercials for products no one really needs so we can process our nutritional greed into something more palletable than death pain and suffering of the people from the neighbours next door who's as unknown as the brown skinned man of the ultra high definition TV screen.

    So whether you claim ignorance or hide the truth in whatevers in your pipe, crack or meth it don't matter it causes more than the addicts life thats shattered, the sufferings a social wide problem impacted by prohibition, ancient tribal traditions washed away in a stream of persecution, but it's our own family units now under attack and not just from the drugs but from the state that tries to control your every action, 90 hour weeks and just one parent, kids teach themselves and they minds ain't even know yet that the actions of now can echo for the rest of ages, academics write pages ignored by the controllers, taxes keep rising but we don't see any improvement just cuts to our lives as the richs are extracted in to the pockets of the few.

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