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By Junket · Aug 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Junket
    Not a single person really understands how i feel
    When i got my diploma I said oh shit now its real
    I got layers of feelings, but i dont like to peel
    Losing my friends and my sanity, what is the deal
    I always knew when I got older that shit would be crazy
    But i never predicted that i would think about it daily
    When june of 09 comes around my life will change forever
    The love of my life will leave and will i see her again? never.
    I know my life has many turns to take, many more endeavors
    I know im smart with potential an i know that im clever
    But i cant seem to figure this puzzle out, its eating me away
    I love my hometown but i hate it, an i dont want to stay
    But leaving all my childhood friends is a hard price to pay
    I think about it when i wake up, and every night when i lay

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  1. sylenth
    yeah i know that feeling well layed out & thought of man, these are all feelings that haved to be taken & peeled as you say, so you can come to understand what you trying to attempt to understand. it does get easier bud...
  2. Fight Club
    Two thoughts:

    1. Never say never
    2. The only constant in life is change

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