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By Hey :-) · Jul 20, 2012 · ·
  1. Hey :-)

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  1. Buzybee
    It was my theory that we can do all those things but age, life experience and just being jaded sometimes with the world blurs ability. Children, babies up to the age of two absolutely can till some well meaning adult tells them it's not real or even worse not accepted by mainstream society. Do not most of DF members seek a momentary glimpse of that altered reality when partaking of substance of kind? If only we could reexperience that wonderful world, many of the absolute horrifying events taking place worldwide would never occur. Can we prescribe a few mind opening substances for those megalomaniacs creating havoc and in the words of our beloved John Lennon IMAGINE......
  2. Hey :-)
    What a happy avatar .. it made me smile . Thank you for leaving your comments on my blog .
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