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By Hey :-) · Jul 19, 2012 ·
  1. Hey :-)
    Ok , i am going to attempt to write a blog . I don't really have a clue where it will lead , or really what its going to be about as i am not really very educated and i don't seem to be all that talented in anything either . I mean i still haven't worked out how to use the support ticket thing ! But anyway , I have a feeling its not going to matter (the blog not the support ticket thing) .. well , maybe a little , but you know , not in a major way .

    I think there are a lot of good blogs on personal stuff , so i will try not to do another one of those . I do like thinking though . I'm not sure if you will find this interesting or not , but i guess if i don't try we'll never know .

    The other day i was at a friends and these thoughts came to me .

    I was recently wondering about the memories linked to a small child's wooden desk . (yes , you read that right) . I sat there staring at it , this micro sized wooden old fashioned desk , you know , the one with the lid ?
    I was wondering about all the events there may have been over the years attached to it .. all the various children who sat at it .. all the various stories or pictures that may have been created on it .. all the families connected to the children who owned it ... 'that desk has a memory' i thought .
    I cannot imagine how that desk would ever know it had so many memories , but i knew that that didn't mean it didn't .

    'Where would that memory be found' .. well , not in just an individual account from one of the many children who must now be all grown up .. not even from a cumulative account as there may have been times that desk was stored in damp garages under moldy rags alone .
    'Yet there still is a memory that's attached to it'... i tried to stop thinking for a while . Sometimes i find its good to do this , it seems to make space for sometimes what seems quite random info .

    'It's no-where' came to me . 'It must exist in no-where' .

    That's a pretty amazing indefinable dimension , no ?

    The only area in my thinking that makes sense seems to be an area not based on perception . I think i will call this dimension reality .
    And if reality is no-where .. where am i .. what am i .. maybe i am an illusion that's in an illusion .
    Wow ... i think i need a cup of tea now

    Take care
    Hey :)

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