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Thousands of ecstasy pills seized from a house in West Jakarta

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Thousands of ecstasy pills seized from a house in West Jakarta

    Police officers from Narcotics Unit of Jakarta Police early Thursday morning (11/5) raided a house suspected to be a storehouse of ecstasy. The officers started the raid on the two-story house located at Block A8 No 3 of Taman Palem housing complex at around 2 am. From the operation, the officers managed to confiscate at least 10 thousands of ecstasy pills and arrested 6 people.

    Latief, one of security guards of the complex, said he did not know about the raid until the operation was done. Hours before the raid, police asked him to close one of entrance gates in the complex. “Without telling us anything about the raid, the police asked us to close the gate in the western side of this complex,” he told beritajakarta.com, Thursday (11/5).

    However, when asked about the case, a police officer who at that time installing police line around the raided house declined to comment, citing he had no authority to talk to media. All evidence and suspects are now at Jakarta Police office.

    Responding to the case, Cengkareng sub district secretary Deny Ramdhani says his side will be more intensive in collecting data of population, as well as become more alert on the situation in its area.



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