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  1. MikePatton
    Police seal off park next to Knesset (Parliament) in attempt to head off ‘Big Bong Night’ protest; 30 arrested.
    Some 2,000 people massed outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on Saturday night to demand the legalization of cannabis

    The protesters were blocking the entry road to the Knesset early Sunday morning and clashing with police, who were attempting to dispel the demonstration and reopen the road.

    Thirty protesters were arrested, 23 for disturbing the peace, after they blocked the Yitzhak Rabin Boulevard to traffic, and seven for drug violations.

    Demonstrators smoked pot publicly, and chanted “the people demand legal cannabis,” a spin off of the slogan for the 2011 social justice protests.

    The protest, dubbed “The Big Bong Night,” was originally slated to take place in the nearby Wohl Rose Park, but police sealed off the area in an attempt to prevent it from taking place.

    On Friday two of the organizers, Amos Dov Silver and Offer Bartov, were arrested and charged with sedition after they called on participants to smoke marijuana at the demonstration.

    On the event’s Facebook page, the organizers wrote: “In this event there is no intention of provocation or breaking a law, it’s the law that sees us this way and not the other way around. We are coming to smoke cannabis, because that’s what we do. And if the state has a problem with the consumption of cannabis it can begin arresting us one by one.”

    Earlier this year, 11 MKs acknowledged having used cannabis in one form or another.

    Former attorney-general Menachem Mazuz told Haaretz last year that pursuing “personal use” cases for “soft drugs” such as marijuana was “a waste of law enforcement resources.” Yet Israeli law enforcement officials invest significant resources in such cases. Police opened 22,895 investigations into personal drug use in 2012, a figure amounting to fully 70 percent of narcotics investigations that year, resulting in 5,254 indictments.

    The issue grabbed headlines earlier this month when several high-profile celebrities were questioned by police over allegations that they had acquired small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

    April 20, 2014, 3:57 am
    Updated: April 20, 2014, 10:58 am


  1. MikePatton
    My personal experience:
    I was present at this event, the biggest 420 rally in the history of the country. The level of police brutality was shocking. The event was to take place in a park in front of the Parliament building. Instead police went to court before the event and claimed the park could only contain 3,000 people, and that over 6,000 have RVSP'd that they're 'attending' on the event's Facebook page (as if that means they're all gonna fucking come!) and therfore asked the event to be banned by the court, which it was.

    Instead the crowd that showed up was not allowed entrance into the park, which was sealed by police, and so people gathered just outside the police barriers, in what happens to be the middle of the fucking road. The police then tried to clear the road while making violent arrests, and mainly by getting mounted policemen to just charge their horses straight into the crowd, hoping this will scare everyone away, and that they will run away fast enough to avoid getting hit by the horses. Brilliant.

    Videos have surfaced online showing police beatings of unresisting protesters, police horses trampling people at the gathering, police officers push protesters into the way of the horses, taser guns, mace, and of course no medical aid what so ever. there were like 50 police cars and yet not one ambulance. Despite this news article saying there were only 30 arrests, other sources have claimed there were more than a 100 arrests. I believe I personally witnessed way over 30 arrests.

    The rally has been criticised by legalization supporters and opposers alike as being overly provocative. Yet it is clear that the amount of pot smoking in the crowd was almost nothing compared to any other 420 event around the globe.
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