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Three arrested after £500,000 drug stash found in Netherton

By buseman, Jul 10, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    TWO men and a woman were arrested after police recovered a huge haul of drugs and cash.

    Police found £500,000 worth – or 100kg – of cannabis resin and £60,000 in cash during a raid on a house in Sterrix Lane, Netherton.

    High denomination bank notes – some of them apparently from Scottish banks – were hidden under the floorboards in the stairwell of the semi-detached.

    A senior police officer said today they searched the property after receiving community intelligence.

    Two men, aged 58 and 38, and a 49-year-old woman, were today being quizzed by police.

    The suspects, who are all from Netherton, were being held on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs and money laundering offences.

    Chief Inspector Zoe Thornton said: This was an excellent result and thanks to community intelligence we have been able to take a significant amount of drugs off the streets of Merseyside.

    We take all reports of illegal drugs activities in communities extremely seriously and will take robust action to put an end to the criminal behaviour of those involved in the drugs trade.

    We will seek to bring offenders to justice by putting them behind bars and stop them from bringing misery to the lives of other residents.

    The raid was carried out yesterday afternoon as officers executed a warrant issued under the misuse of drugs act.

    It followed a similar raid in Rock Ferry last week in which cannabis plants and cultivation equipment were seized.

    Police raided the house on Haddon Road and later arrested a man, a woman and a girl.

    They were all released on police bail.

    Jul 9 2010
    By Ben Schofield


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