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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Three Collapse After Suspected Cocaine Binge

    Three night clubbers at a Phakalane nightclub collapsed after a suspected cocaine binge Friday night, in what could be an indication of the extent of drug abuse in Botswana.

    However, police claim they are in the dark about the incident despite the presence of their vehicle and officers at the crime scene.

    The nightclub was immediately locked by Phakalane police who allegedly rushed to the scene, ending the night abruptly for the clubbers, our sources reveal.

    The para-medics called to the scene found two women unconscious, while the third person, a man, was also struggling for breath, sources told Monitor on Saturday.

    Paramedics, Rescue One, confirmed receiving an urgent phone call from a Phakalane nightclub, early hours of Saturday where they attended to two females, over 30 years, and a male.

    Rescue One managing director Patrick Proctor said, "There was a phone call from Phakalane, we responded and administered emergency care. From what we saw drugs were given to the patients.

    "They (patients) were taken to the hospital. The third patient was under the influence of drugs, the other two were unconscious. I don't know what they were given but it was some suspicious drugs", Rescue One MD said.

    An eyewitness however told Monitor that the police locked the nightclub immediately after conducting some interviews at the scene.

    However Broadhurst Police where Phakalane Police falls under said they had not been briefed about the Friday night incident. Acting station commander, Superintendent Modo tried in vain to get the details.

    He told the Monitor that by Saturday afternoon, his office had not received any report regarding the incident. Modo also said his enquiries at Phakalane Police did not bear fruit as two senior officers there professed ignorance about the night club incident.

    "Usually we would have received a report by now, considering the magnitude of the crime you are mentioning, but as I'm talking to you, even the Police Commissioner is not aware of the incident you are mentioning," Modo said.

    He added, "Infact some officers I talked to said such a thing never took place".

    The Acting commander failed to explain why there has not been any police report after such a disturbing incident in his area of operation. He, however, promised to follow it up with one senior police officer at Phakalane.

    Few years ago, a Gaborone nightclub at the BBS mall was closed by the police after suspicions that drugs usually used in rape cases were being peddled there.

    Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
    Staff Writer



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