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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Three Held for Smuggling Opium

    SHARJAH — Police here have arrested three Pakistani men on charges of smuggling in about 200kg of opium that they had planned on selling in the emirate.

    A senior Sharjah Police officer said the Drugs Prevention Department received a tip off that one of the three men had brought the drugs into the country.

    Police said they believed he was waiting to sell the drugs.

    Surveillance of the suspect led to his arrest as he sold it to a second drug trafficker. Police found 138kg of opium in their possession.

    On arrest, both suspects confessed trafficking drugs and confirmed that they had bought it from another person who lives in Abu Dhabi. 
On checking them, 73 Tramadol capsules and an illegal pharmaceutical were also found in their possession.

    The men said they lived in Al Ain and police then raided their house.

    “650 tramadol capsules were also found in addition to other drugs found at their home,” the officer said.

    “The third suspect was arrested in cooperation with Abu Dhabi police and 77kg of opium were found at his home.”

    The third suspect told the police that he had handed over the drugs to his two partners in order to sell the drugs in Sharjah.

    The three suspects have currently been detained and will be referred to Public Prosecution.

    Afkar Abdullah
    20 January 2010



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