Three men arrested for selling fake magic mushrooms

By chillinwill · Nov 13, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    KINGSTON – Three men accused of trying to sell fake hallucinogenic mushrooms have been caught blue-handed.

    Police said the men were arrested after one of them sold a quarter-pound of mushrooms for $900 during an undercover drug probe. When police later pulled over the men, two had hands stained with blue food coloring.

    Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. said police believe the mushrooms were purchased at a grocery store along with the blue food coloring used to dye the mushrooms and make them appear more like a potent psilocybin mushroom.

    The scheme began to unravel Monday when two "non-law enforcement cooperative sources" met with the three men on a dirt road in Kingston to buy what they thought would be psilocybin mushrooms, commonly referred to as "shrooms."

    The three were identified as Robert McCarthy, 23, of 7 Hilton Ave., Exeter; Anthony Palmisano, 19, of 19 M St., Hampton; and Tucker Cockerline, 18, of 44 Marshall Road, Kingston.

    Police said McCarthy is the one who made the actual sale. After the alleged deal, the men left in a 1996 red Chevy Cavalier driven by Palmisano.

    When police in an unmarked cruiser pulled over the three moments later, officers noticed that Cockerline and McCarthy had blue food coloring on their hands, Briggs said. When they were asked about the coloring, the two refused to talk.

    Police also found food coloring and more mushrooms of the grocery store variety in the car, Briggs said.

    Even though the mushrooms weren't really a narcotic drug, the three men are still in trouble. Briggs said the mushrooms were represented as hallucinogenic.

    "Whether it's counterfeit or a real drug, it's still the same," he said.

    McCarthy is charged with sale of a narcotic drug and theft by deception. He also faces additional charges stemming from an arrest warrant by Exeter police. Palmisano and Cockerline were each charged with conspiracy to sell a controlled narcotic drug and conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

    The arrests were made as part of a joint investigation by Kingston and Plaistow police into drug dealing in southern Rockingham County.

    Briggs said he's seen several cases over the years where dealers have tried to sell fake illegal drugs.

    But selling counterfeit drugs is risky business, police said, because unsuspecting buyers could retaliate against the dealer after discovering that they were duped.

    "In the drug world, you never know exactly who you're dealing with," said Kathleen Jones, Plaistow's deputy police chief.

    Union Leader Correspondent
    November 11, 2008

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  1. fnord
    Fnord throws on a broken record:
    Well we would know exactly what we were dealing with if everything was legalised and we had regulations/quality control on substances!
  2. old hippie 56
    Well, at least they didn't sell to someone that would probably beat the hell out of them for selling fake mushrooms.
  3. 3rd_high
    Thats what happens when dodgy dealers come across people they deem to be 'clueless muppetts'. Would love to have seen their face when they realised they were getting caught blue handed though :laugh:

    As for the deception charge, thats just a joke surely.. I mean.. They'll be charging bank robbers for not giving the cashier a receipt for the amount 'withdrawn' next?! haha
  4. MiMoMo
    If only law enforcement would devote its energy to a war on fake drugs only! And arrest those swindlers that adulterate, contaminate, pollute, cut, step, short weigh, bait and switch... Throw the book at 'em!!! Not only did the 3 counterfeit clowns get charged with narcotic sale, as insult to injury, they caught a 'theft by deception' rap as well. Let's congratulate the police for taking these fake drug dealers off the street and making our communities safe! Police go after all those slinging toxic pot, X, cocaine and heroin. That's 'serve and protect'!
  5. fluffhead
    wow, this is bizarre, I cant believe I did hear about this.. Im from NH myself, a little ways from Rockingham, but I know the county fairly well..bizarre
  6. cra$h
    haha, pretty funny. maby they'll straiten their shit out and deal REAL fuckin drugs. Embarassing really, that's about it.
  7. Nature Boy
    Fucksake. What ever happened to a good old-fashioned double-cross. There's something wrong with the world when stupid punters aren't allowed be ripped off and police officers have to act like their nannies. I believe people deserve to be rewarded for little scams like this. Fuck, if you have chiropractors twisting peoples' spines telling them it's gonna cure their foot athritis, why not have a few goofballs selling fake-ass shrooms.
  8. Blu_berrytoke
    They got what they deserved in my opinion. Fuckers rolling around selling fake shit of any kind. There are young people out there who want to experiment with new substances, but cause of all the BS going around these days, you never know who to trust. I hate it, but I am kinda biased against those people since I was duped once by the store bought shrooms colored to look real. They were very good imitations visual-wise, swim just didn't smell them first, that would have been an immediate give-away.
  9. chillinwill
    BRENTWOOD – A Kingston teen is headed to prison after pleading guilty to doctoring up store-bought shiitake mushrooms with blue food coloring and trying to sell them as a drug for $900.

    Tucker Cockerline, 18, of 44 Marshall Road, was sentenced to one to three years in state prison Friday for his role in the fake hallucinogenic mushroom scheme that crumbled when he sold them in an undercover police sting and was caught with the food coloring on his fingertips.

    At a hearing in Rockingham County Superior Court, Cockerline pleaded guilty to charges of selling a substance reported to be a controlled drug and conspiracy to commit the sale of a drug.

    Cockerline was given another two- to four-year sentence that will be suspended for five years on good behavior after his release from prison. He was also fined a total of $750.

    According to Assistant Rockingham County Attorney Charlene Dulac, the mushroom deal occurred Nov. 10, 2008, when a "cooperating individual" acting as a buyer met with a Kingston police officer and explained that plans were made to purchase a quarter pound of hallucinogenic mushrooms for $900 at a buy on Tucker Road in Kingston.

    Police said the deal was arranged with another man, Robert McCarthy, 23, of 7 Hilton Ave., Exeter.

    The buyer and a friend who assisted in the sting were then given $900 in serialized money and headed to Tucker Road with surveillance units following them.

    During the sale, a third man, Anthony Palmisano, 19, of 19 M St., Hampton, allegedly gave McCarthy a sandwich bag containing the mushrooms which were then handed to one of the buyers. Dulac said Palmisano then provided two more bags of mushrooms.

    After the buy, one of the buyers called a Kingston police officer and explained that the three men involved in the sale had left in a red Chevy Cavalier, Dulac said.

    Police stopped the vehicle and found Palmisano at the wheel with Cockerline sitting in the back seat and McCarthy in the front.

    Cockerline told police that he had purchased shiitake mushrooms for dinner, Dulac said. During a search, police found two $100 bills on Cockerline that were part of the $900 used in the sting.

    Dulac said Palmisano was found with $350 of the serialized money, but was "adamant that he had earned the money, and that he had nothing but rent money.

    McCarthy was carrying the remaining $350, according to Dulac.

    A search of the vehicle turned up a Walmart bag containing more shiitake mushrooms and food coloring. Dulac said Cockerline and McCarthy both had blue food coloring on their fingers when police stopped the vehicle.

    Cases are still pending against McCarthy and Palmisano, who also face charges.

    June 29, 2009
    Union Leader
  10. RaverHippie
    Ehh, I don't really have any remorse for this kids. I wouldn't be able to decide who I would hate more, police or dealers without morals.
  11. Alfa
    The US justice system is completely moronic. So a couple of really stupid kiddo's are sent of to jail for a few years because they tried to sell shitake to cops. Normally I would say that an 18 year old is an adult, but these 3 seem to be stupid kids that have no clue what they are doing. A good beating would likely have been sufficient IMHO.

    Applause for getting immoral dealers off the streets though.
  12. Mickeld
    These kids were probably just trying to get the money so they could go out and buy rock or meth with it. They sounded desperate to me. Cummon, after all they knew that as soon as the people they sold too figured it out they would be back to kick their posteriors, so they were obviously desperate for the cash! SWIM knows that if he were sold fake shrooms and somehow had the sense of mind to figure it out SWIM would call several people who would make the kids wish they had never done that! Take the kids to their parents and say hey we seen these kids acrossed the street and we think they were trying to sell dope! Let their parents take care of them! (If a-the parenst care, b- there are parents, c-the parents are tough enough to take care of the kids). Morally this is wrong! Drugs are meant to be mind expanding substances for the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well being of the entire human race!
  13. wt4q
    I used to work in a telemarketing room that offerd cash payed daily. great motivationfor any with a substance type issue! I rememer a local geeker who was always on the corner selling soap and drywall. One day the local police busted hime. they not only jailed him but the its a small town and the local weekly put his name and his mothers address in the police blotter. poor old lady only lived 2 blocks awway from his "spot" I feel so sorry for the poor old lady. I found out later she was not well and and in her 80's living alone. The thugs trashed her house and burned her garage down.
  14. wt4q
    SWIM was talking about a scam back i the 80's. The kids would play off that they had all this shit to get off and just needed a few bux for enough gas to deliver it so you get the deal of a lifetime. It was a plastic ice cue tray fill with cario=syrup and dried sage! People will buy anything!
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