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Three-month investigation results in OxyContin drug bust

By buseman · Jun 20, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    An Akwesasne police task force has made a significant seizure and the arrest of an alleged OxyContin dealer.

    A joint investigative team made up of Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) and St. Regis Mohawk Police officers concluded a three-month investigation into the illicit sale of OxyContin prescription medication on May 27 with the arrest of Robert J. Lazore, 33, in Snye, Que.

    Lazore was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking a schedule one narcotic after police searched his home to find an unspecified number of OxyContin tablets and cash.

    The three-month long investigation culminated with results that reflect drug trafficking, said Det.-Const. Kariwate Mitchell.

    The search resulted in items being located and seized that reflect drug trafficking activity.

    AMPS Chief of Police Jerry Swamp said Lazore was released after a bail hearing earlier this week in a Valleyfield, Que. courtroom.

    The joint Akwesasne police team is investigating several other individuals for OxyContin trafficking, Swamp said, but no one believed to be connected to Lazore.

    Swamp said the joint effort led by AMPS got strong assistance from the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Police.

    The investigation was started by our agency, however the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Police provided a large amount of intelligence that contributed to the conclusion of this investigation said Swamp.

    The OxyContin problem is a concern for everyone in the community and we will continue working together to eliminate the street trafficking.

    Akwesasne police has identified the illegal sale of prescription medications as a priority and has been actively participating in community focus group meetings to educate residents about the problems created by abusing such powerful painkillers.

    The impact of OxyContin abuse on community safety is serious and leads to increases in a wide spectrum of violent acts and property crimes Mitchell said.

    The street value for one OxyContin tablet of 80 milligrams is $50. Many young people are on an eight to 10 pill-a- day habit.

    Police say many individuals who have become addicted to OxyContin try to quit, but the pain from withdrawal is so extreme that they often go back to the drug.

    Swamp said people selling this stuff are making money from the suffering of our youth. It will not be tolerated.



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