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Three tonnes of cannabis seized (UK)

  1. Alfa
    Three tonnes of cannabis seized

    Three tonnes of cannabis resin have been found by West Midlands Police in its largest seizure of the drug.

    The resin, which police believe has a street value of £9.5m, was found in a raid in Coventry on Tuesday.

    The drugs were found in six pallets, each containing 500kg of cannabis resin bars.

    A 41-year-old man was charged and another man arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs.

    The charged man was expected to appear at Birmingham Magistrates' Court later.

    The seizure was carried out at what was believed to be a warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

    A police spokeswoman said the raid was carried out following an investigation into the supply of drugs in the area.

    She said the resin, which she described as "high quality", was being examined by forensic experts.

    About £20,000 in cash was also seized from the property.



  1. 0utrider
    interested what charges he will get
  2. Xeon
    haha, usually a warning for a first offence. no? :p

    Xeon added 0 Minutes and 59 Seconds later...

    on a more serious note, what will this do for the price of weed? resin and bud.
  3. Alfa
    That depends upon if this was the first shipment or if this was a regular shipment that the market is dependent upon.
  4. FuBai
    As the UK market is predominatly based on homegrown, herbal cannabis it will have little effect on bud prices. However; resin prices may change, but resin is always in competition with herbal cannabis so they should not go so high as to be massively more expensive than bud, because smokers will simply switch to the herbal variety. Blocked cannabis imports are not as important now, far more important are busted grow houses or caches of cannabis held domestically.
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