through the looking glass .

  1. notgonnabelikethatguy
    2am vent, thought I'd share. Enjoy, :cool: I need a pipe..

    You brought out things in me that I'd intentionally hid, together knocked down walls I built as a struggling kid. Letting you in hurt but that's the risk you have to take. You have to FALL in love, and just hope they don't let you break. The fall was hell but its the stop that really took my head. The one supposed to catch me was in someone else's bed. My heart obliterated, just a pawn in your sick game. Trying to rebuild myself while I'm made to wear the blame. So I was distant? Always sad? Wouldn't suck your meat? No excuse comes close to justifying that you cheat. I won't bother explaining the impact it had on me. You knew what you were doing through your immorality. I'll forever be damaged by an act I played no part. The scars upon my arm echo the trauma in my heart. Life's never really fair though, as all roads lead to disaster. Disney fucking lied, there is no Happy Ever After.

    NOTE: this hasn't been tweaked for posting, its what I wrote at the time, if there is anything that you aren't cool with reading, don't flip out. Just send me an email or whatever, I'm happy to work with you to find a solution. Better yet, just email me anyway. Pen pals are hectic :)

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  1. highlikeplanes
    aw i love it :vibes: and i can totally relate too. <3 lovely
  2. notgonnabelikethatguy
    thanks man :beer it's nice to know I'm not alone hey
  3. Muse2Midnite
    Yep, sounds familiar. I'm coming back in for another landing after many attempts this year. Blogging definitely helps. Creating art is the only real substitute for mebut it's so much harder to sit down and write than it is to cop. I think I've been awake since August. I was c/s for years and I ran into a cyclone which for some reason looked to me just like a pair of loving arms. It's taken me a year to get back and well, you know, I can talk about the future all I want but I don't get to live there. I have to be now what I want for the future instead of talking about it like it's actually going to happen; because, it won't until I make it happen in the now. There may not be a happily ever after but there is a happy now. I';d settle for that. Hell, if I think about it, it's the greatest thing in the world. Happy Now. As for those who can't offer truth, they live in their own horrible place and worse, they may live long without ever knowing that wondrous existence of walking through the world without a thing to hide, a lie to remember or a relationship based on reality.
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