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  1. chillinwill
    Coroners at the Tijuana morgue say they have run out of space for the dead, but the bodies keep coming in.

    The Tijuana coroner brings in another body this morgue can't hold -- another casualty of the ongoing brutal drug war.

    Inside a decrepit building, more than a hundred bodies lay lifeless in a place designed for only 50 corpses.

    The Tijuana medical examiner gave San Diego 6 an inside look at the deplorable, unsanitary conditions. The images are too gruesome to air on television. There's dirt on the walls and unsterile floors. Several bodies lay on top of each other with flies whisking pass them.

    Dr. Mercedes Quiroz, the Tijuana forensics doctor, tells us these conditions are the direct result of a city dealing with a violent drug war. "The morgue is under bad conditions at this time. We are going through the right protocol to get things on track."

    While San Diego 6 was there, we saw several families waiting in line to see their loved ones. A San Diego resident waited to see his nephew who died in a car accident. He did not want to show his face, because he feared for his nephew's care.

    We asked him how he felt about the conditions and he told us, "I feel bad, because my nephew is there."

    Antonio Castelan
    September 17, 2009
    San Diego6


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